I have ambition.

I realize that I am a person who aims high, and this characteristic of mine seems to be annoying.

Sometimes I think there is only envy, when they see a person who works so hard for his goals.

I think I love myself and have always wanted it, when I wanted and still want the best for me, when I wanted to be with the most beautiful person, giving me the best gift, for me.

It almost seems that I have to demand some kind of prize, but what do you want? It doesn’t seem to see that often, the right reward for who I am, for the good I want to do and do to other people.

Then people complain when I become more blunt, in the end I realized that there is the immensity of the cock in self-esteem that I don’t care about the thought / judgment of others.

In the end, I’m always like this, I still want the same things, I still want to push the limits, I still want to commit.

I feel like I have to keep knowing, seeing, continuing. In life you never stop knowing, discovering.

I can never stop, I can not.

And what about the people? They stay in their own little world, out of fear of something bigger than themselves, probably.

Only what you can handle, right? Let there ever be some interference …

But by dint of being closed in the crystal, sooner or later there will be water that will enter inside … there is no refuge or castle, nothing.

I still don’t want to stop. After all, I think it’s not over. It never ends until you get to the most total indifference.

It has to be like this: otherwise there would be no certain attitudes, you shouldn’t get stuck just about everywhere, thinking, deluding yourself into stopping thinking about something … it’s not over.

Should it console me, perhaps? While I do my best to move forward, and I am doing it, but basically, an ambition does not cease to exist.

The desire for it to be different, the desire to continue wanting that gift.

The ambition to be able to do everything I want, as if I were an ancient conqueror, a discoverer.

I already said it some time ago: I don’t want to be just a dreamer, that is, who only creates fantasies, but to make dreams come true.

I think I’m made of dreams.

And it is for this reason, also for this reason, that when I think of the limit of the place where I live, that is people who are unable to go … further.

And some have even written it on us … “beyond”.

I don’t write anything on myself, I prefer to do it here, I prefer that the words do not remain on the skin, but in the heart, in the memory.

Mine are invisible tattoos.

It seems that from the outside, at times, I am one who gives a damn, but the truth is that I have fought and still fight my war.

Those wars where I saw people who wanted me to stay holed up and do what they wanted, yes, on the ground.

Then I got up, because I’m a winner, I want to be.

It was these things, I fear, that instead gave me the strength not to give up, to continue writing. I didn’t want to stop in the end.

I think about who I am now, every day.

I think about what changed me, how I became like this, every day.

I think of the situations, of the people who contributed to this change… it only happens through great pain, in the end. Unfortunately.

If it were up to me, I would never want it to be like this, the rule … but it’s better to face things than to run away from them.

Although some may misunderstand and say that we do “too many thoughts”.

Misunderstandings, however. In reality you are just one who cares and informs others. If I answer badly, it may not have been you who have made mental journeys, but who is not grateful for your way of being.

We are people who analyze all the circumstances and are not superficial, telling the other person that they “overthink” if you understand what I mean.

I am someone who loves people, but when they do that, and they seem to “bliss” on problems, on things, then climbing on the mirrors, well …

Sometimes I would punch them, but then it passes, like everything else.

Whoever does not aspire does not go forward, whoever does not aspire will never be anything.


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