Complete Review of:”Stone Ocean” – the Last animated part of “Jojo’s Bizzare adventures”.

Today I bring you the review of Stone Ocean, the last animated part of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” – what has become one of my favorite Manga series for some years.

Series distributed by Netflix, and (I assume) produced by David Productione Warner Bros. Japan. So one can assume it’s something high-level.

The previous ones were also by David Production, the series began to come out a year ago, in 2021, 3 years after the end of the last one: “Vento Aureo”, which is not on Netflix, a gap of two parts is created of the manga, in short, from the third to the sixth.

This I can already highlight as a flaw, albeit an independent one. How do you distribute a series to users who make this time jump? You practically force the customer to look for alternatives, so, well, how do you look? I have doubts.

It is clear that it is all a game of competition with rights, but what an inconvenience.

However, part 6 of the story has Jolyne Cujoh as the protagonist who for unknown reasons has the surname with the “C” and the final h unlike her father, Jotaro Kujo, perhaps because she is American?

She is the last of the Joestar generation, who is initially arrested and imprisoned for a conspiracy against her, her father realizes this and goes to try to save her: at first, however, the young woman will be annoyed by her presence, since he has always been distant.

A “dark side” of Jotaro, here. My favorite JoJo is him, I say it without problems, a very cold, detached man who seems like someone who is not capable of loving, also having very abrupt ways of behaving, in short, as a teenager he seemed like a tamarrone, and as an adult a grumpy .

We know very well that he has his own ways of loving, that it is precisely those abrupt ways that demonstrate it, as I also sometimes do in my life, in my relationships.

Maybe that’s why I like Jotaro, and I think he’s also a bit of an example to follow: show feelings only when you can, otherwise, always stay alert.

His absence is justified by the fact that he has to chase (as in this case) the demons left by Dio, his ancient enemy of him.

In fact, even if he ceased to exist at the hands of Jotaro himself in “Stardust Crusaders”, he left excerpts that undermine the peace of the Joestar family and also of the world.

So the blame, as Araki makes us think, shouldn’t be given to Jotaro, but to whoever appropriated the stand power, in short, Dio.

I won’t tell you the whole plot, and therefore… beware of SPOILERS, do not proceed further if you are not finished:

let’s start from the end, from the last episode in which already in the “opening” (in the acronym), we see images that for those like em who had read the manga already knew what it meant, given that we see a return to the very first acronym, when the first JoJo , Jonathan Joestar made his appearance, then passing by all the other protagonists, and images of the fight between Jolyne father Pucci, the villain of the story.

We know that “the end” has come.

And the acronym after the last episode (the ending), made me even more excited, they had the genius of putting “Roundabout”, by Yes, as happened in the first series: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, recalling our memories, accompanied by some images that showed us the silhouettes of the protagonists:

Jonathan running with his dog, Danny, Joseph in Venice with Caesar… and so on.

How does the story end, you ask? You know if you’ve seen it, so I won’t go over everything, you know that Pucci, thanks to the obtaining power at Cape Carneval, evolves his stand from Whitesnake to C-Moon and finally, Made in Heaven, with which he does a rather inconceivable thing, crazy. He has the power to accelerate time, he brings it forward, like forwarding a song, skipping it, like those keys in CD players, in mp3s, double or triple arrows, the same thing.

He ends the current universe and starts another one where he says the same things will happen, he says the people who died in the previous one don’t exist there.

This is the great “reset” of Araki, who will then start a new adventure, with new characters, as anyone like me who has read Steel Ball Run and JoJolion well knows.

The unthinkable happens, the protagonists of the manga, of Stone Ocean and his companions die.

Jotaro dies, Jolyne dies, crazy.

The bad guy finally wins, something unthinkable happens.

However, if you have seen the end, you know that Pucci will still be killed by Wheater Report, or by the latter’s stand power, from Emporio.

The series ends with him APPEARING causally meeting Hermes, Jolyne and Anasui in other guises, with other names, but the same looks and even personalities.

This makes us suppose that Jotaro is still alive, in a certain sense, but that like him, his daughter, he has lived another life, a normal one, without Dio, without stand.

Has the Joestar family shed their ancient curse of dying young as they said in Battle Tendency?

Although Joseph himself has aged, so in theory he had broken it, but he seems to “return” with Jotaro and daughter.

This end is particular because you don’t expect it, while I was reading the manga and those who saw the series had gone on convinced that the Joestars would have bet it again this time, and instead…

I comment on this event because for me, Araki dared, not so much with us readers and enthusiasts, but with himself, as he himself declared: he said he had reached an “end”, he didn’t know what else to tell with those characters.

A challenge with himself, fascinating, beautiful…

But I’m sorry Jotaro is gone, honestly.

The series is seen to have had a high budget, the scenes are animated very intensely, it feels like watching a high definition movie or video game at times.

Which helps a lot to stay “glued to the screen”, or want to see more. Given that the fights and the progress of the story, they can be well accompanied by this high quality.

Which we don’t always see in longer and even more mainstream series like One Piece, due to the fact that there are too many episodes, but in this case there are fewer, and the money is concentrated better, I think.

This would justify the fact that this series, Stone Ocean is Annoyingly released “in installments”, and not once a week or complete. Something that I’m noticing being used a lot by Japanese houses, as in the case of Attack on Titan.

Reason? Spreading the budget I guess, but that leaves the fans complaining that we have to wait MONTHS to finish one, especially when we know it’s running out.

I hate it, do you?

And nothing, I haven’t analyzed all the points, but the most salient ones for me, tell me yours if you’ve seen it, and we’ll “see you” next time.



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