Lost in the Sea.

I had lost a ship

I was shipwrecked.

This was my feeling,

the water had flooded me,

I felt terribly helpless

more there first.

I felt engulfed

From the water.

I couldn’t breathe.

I thought someday I would find my ship again,

that maybe I would come to a shore

and that everything would be fine again.

I think instead, I’m still in the sea,

to make me gently carry me by the current.

I’m still lost

there is no ship,

there is nothing to save.

I only touch the pieces of my wreck that float,

then the water takes me far away,

with me I only keep the memory.

I keep company with the whales,

I look at the world

in this immersed state,

without asking anymore

where do we go.

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