#Poetryoftheday:”Forgive me”.

A sentence that got lost

Among a thousand others.

When it’s that easy

To apologize,

at the same time

it was easy for me to forgive you.

There are those who say

That there is right and wrong.

There are those who say

That I put you on a pedestal.

There are those who say and talk a lot,

but many forget

than to forgive yourself

you have to put aside the evil you have done

or what has been done to you.

Forgive me,

for disconnected sentences,

forgive me

for not having reasoned

forgive me

for losing you

forgive me

for losing me.

Forgive me if I’m not like

I should have been

Even just

To see you again.

Forgive me

For loving you

And keep doing it.

For hurting you

For hurting me.

Forgive me for all that

What I’ve said

For what I wrote,

forgive me

for not being able to shut up.

And maybe you never will,

maybe I am better

not to hold a grudge

but I’m not good

to forget.


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