#Poetryoftheday:”I’m The Bad Guy”.

I’m the bad guy

I am one who is considered that way.

I do not know,

maybe I’m the reincarnation of some dictator,

and now I’m paying

for my previous life.

It’s strange

I am the one who writes

Yet they made up about me

Better stories I could have made.

Incredible, right?

Yet it is so

Since here

They called me with the worst epithets

By naming things

Which I have never done.

I am the bad guy

no, I’m the good

which like all stories


and the bad guys, my darling, win.

And the good guys seem to be the bad guys.

In conclusion

The world has always worked like this.

We are all sinners,

we can all make mistakes,

the problem

is when they can’t figure it out

and they prefer to think you are a criminal.

I’m the bad guy.


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