#Review:”Shaman King” (Netflix)

Lately I’ve been watching: “Shaman King” on Netflix, a re-edition of the historic anime that I had seen, among many as a kid.

I remembered very little of the main story and I already knew it would come out, and here I am bringing you some thoughts.

It’s a very well done series with the animations, the soundtrack, and how the plot is developed, all clear.

Interesting because it is not stuff for kids as I thought, it has interesting food for thought, of a religious, moral and social nature.

The story is based on the power of shamans, from all parts of the world, who basically can come into contact with the spirits of the dead, and use them as their weapons and companions. In the first episodes the shaman joins the spirit, letting himself be possessed.

However, this thing will be abandoned very soon, in favor of the Overseas.

The first few episodes are still light, but as soon as the “Shaman Fight” begins, it becomes more violent, literally.

There are characters who will be killed, the first by the X-Laws, who want to take revenge on the main villain: Hao.

They are a kind of sect, which is clearly inspired by the Christian religion. (In fact, their spirits have the names of various archangels, and their leader is indeed a spiritual guide). They also have a propensity for sacrifice and an annoying presumption that those who believe they are right have, that their way is the best.

In fact, Yoh (so far I have not said it but he is the protagonist of the story), opposes them because he believes, in his morality, that murder is the most wrong thing to do, and he will risk his life to protect his life. of an enemy.

Up to this point everything was still light, there was no violence too great.

From here on in some way we “free”, and nothing, as soon as the Shaman Fight begins there are people who kill each other “quietly”, and one can only be on the side of Yoh, who misjudges all that violence very little necessary in the end.

On the one hand there is Hao, who does it because he is evil, to become the strongest, to be able to obtain the power of the “Shaman King”, on the other the “X-Laws”, who to defeat their enemy of which they want to take revenge, they stop at nothing, and they even lose their lives.

There is no one above the other, but in this anime / manga, this is “put aside”, in short.

An intense anime, which involves you, very beautiful, but in the end… Well, maybe nothing new. We have a seemingly idiotic protagonist (like most of the ones in Shonen), without even a serious motivation, against a great villain.

For now the story goes exactly like many others, there is nothing wrong with it, quite the contrary. Moreover, if I “complain” about this, I would be hypocritical, since most of the anime and video games I watch / use are often this way.

After all it is an “old story”.

However, I don’t understand why the protagonists of the past had these characteristics, like Goku or Luffy.

Maybe there is a need to make things more interesting, somehow. After all, we are also nostalgically linked to what and “who” made us grow.

In literary and non-literary history, by now there have been several inventions: I believe that it does not depend on the story itself, but on how it is told to us.

See y’all next time.


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