#Review:”Twelve Carat Toothache”

I’ve heard (inevitably) about Post Malone, but I had never heard or explored it, precisely because I had the impression that I would not like it.

In fact, his new album: “Twelve Carat Toothache”, didn’t make me change my mind particularly.

Very pop album, it has very little to do with the genres and sub-genres of rap I’m used to, there is no song in which it raps, it is very “R’n’b”, more than hip-hop, with the difference that it is perpetually in autotune, which I personally hate.

It is a feature that makes me avoid or avoid hearing many, even in Italy, to name one, among many: Ghali.

Clearly, in our country many imitate / emulate foreign artists.

I have heard this album which is also too catchy for my taste, it will seem strange to you, but it is precisely the fact that it is too “comfortable” for the listener that bothers me. As if every song were to be something to sing out loud.

I can say, however, that it has an advantage: the lyrics are not bad. They have something sad, it seems that he is talking about some of his relationship that has ended: I don’t mind reading the lyrics.

Then the bases are quite variable, but his singing almost always in the same way (in my opinion), tired.

Honestly, it seems to me that you always use the same key, I don’t know if it’s me, maybe used to hearing changes in the songs of other albums… but I think so.

For example, the base of “Lemon Tree” is very cool, but again, is this abuse of autotune really necessary?

Because you can use this term, bad enough, so much so that – in my opinion – it is used too much and even badly.

For me, when this happens, the merit and flaw of a voice is not well understood. A “danceable” music, a little boring, a little superficial, empty.

That is, it seems that there is this excessive use of the corrector, which completely obscures the uniqueness of the voice and perhaps also its merits, nothing, I’m afraid I will be exaggerated or “old-time” man, but in my opinion you are right when this is defines not real music.

I praise those who vary, those who use their normal voice, dosing with these means, so it all seems false to me, even more than those who play in playback, or the more commercial pop music.

I am aware that he is one of the best in the genre of him, and that a lot of people like him, maybe it’s me limited.

If it were not for the defects I have just described, it would not be bad either: it is understood that there are avant-garde means behind this work, they are not trivial things.

So, like the review of Ketama 126, it is like this: subjectively it is from 4/5, objectively from 7/8.

Tell me what you think, if you want …


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