Character Analysis: Spider-man.

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

A superhero, a character we can all identify with. He is the classic loser, bullied at school, and with an underrated life.

Wanting to make a joke about what happens in Amebica we could say that at least he doesn’t kill anyone by making a shooting in a school, but he becomes a superhero.

It is very simple and straightforward: Peter Parker has a very normal life, before becoming the spider-man and he had no particular trauma before acquiring his superpowers. Anyway, each of them I’ve seen has the intention of doing things in the small of him: like stopping some robber and things like that.

It could be said that he fights super villains unintentionally including Goblin, Electro, etc., who, on paper, would be even stronger than him.

In what sense? Looking at them with all those great powers, it would seem that to crush a “spider”, they would be able to do it without problems, since he shoots peaceful cobwebs, more suited to capture than to injure.

It could be said that our Peter, for all his life, is always an “Underdog”, first for those who bully him, then for the bad guys, and in the end, he always wins.

It seems that he is in bigger situations than him: perhaps he is someone who underestimates himself, he also has problems with self-esteem: always shy, not very sociable. After all, he has very few friends, but he suits him perfectly well.

Spider-Man, we know him, is like us, we are. Except that it is precisely that person / character who has a revenge of him, in the most beautiful way that can exist, that is, truly defending the weak and defenseless, perhaps in an even more heroic way than others. It is more difficult for him to do it, perhaps, compared to those who have more resources than him, like an Iron-Man.

Think of Tobey Maguire’s first film, in which Goblin makes him choose whether to save Mary-Jane or the children; he manages to take both of them, without making sacrifices, this is a real hero.

He is just a humble hero, it is just impossible that he can be “on the cock”, he is a boy-man of the people, and not only for the reasons described above, it is clear that he loves people, and protect them. In addition, in my humble opinion, he does not have a particular background, he is just a transparent, simple guy, who fights believing in genuine, honest and sincere principles, so much so that we could say that between Peter Parker and Spider-Man there is no ‘is difference: one completes the other


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