Character Analysis:”Hawkeye”

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Every # Thursday there is the “Character Analysis”, in which I talk about (in fact), characters from TV series, films and anime.

Today we talk about Hawkeye. if you want, you canr ead the review about the tv show here.


Character often ended up in the light of other characters, or rather, under their shadow, “Hawkeye” is a very different character. However, the very fact of being in this “ox” made it more interesting and mysterious.

Clint Barton is an introvert, who thinks mostly about his facts, and any relationship or relationship outside his family is a burden to him. An unsocial, for the most part.

He has the character for his job. In the TV series, we see that he is a totally different person from Kate, who is instead outgoing and chatty.

Our hero with bow and arrow, taciturn, full of regrets, with a dark past, which became even more so during the “blip”, the 5 years in which half the human population was wiped out by Thanos.

This last thing will offer us viewers, some more movies or TV series, in which to deepen and make the most of this character. Thanks to the series, we were able to get to know him better, I hope we can learn more.

Because he is one of those who attract those who have never known enough, those who do not know him, with his desire to do everything by himself, and to think he can do it. He uses only a bow and arrow, but has the courage to fight against things and beings (in theory) beyond his reach.

And even if he is “tough”, we know that he is basically a softie. He is noticeable when, after having sent Kate away, he remonstrates his esteem for her and decides to count on her, making her perhaps the happiest girl on the planet. And who knows? I had a thought watching the series: maybe he recognized her potential, and maybe, he wanted (or would like) to make her her … Heir.

He is a much more mature character than the others, I don’t know if he is for his age (although we don’t know what he is, but we can assume that he is 50 years old, or almost), or if he is the personality.

What is certain is that he is one who carries the weight of many things: the people he killed, what happened to him, and certainly, also the role of the Avengers in the world.

And this, despite the fact that he does not appear very often, and does not even participate in meetings with the group …

How could anyone blame him, though? Perhaps he is right in this limbo between being and not-being with the Avengers precisely because the weight of the responsibility of the world is definitely too much.

Let’s cheer for you, Clint.


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