“A new World” part 16 (Christmas’ special)

Italian version

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happy Christmas Eve, Everyone!


<< And so, this is my life now >>, thought the man, left alone in bed.

<< Without her, without anyone, almost without a real desire or hope to change my life. I always feel so tired… maybe… I should wait before doing something. Maybe I should “recharge”.

I can not stand it anymore. >>

It was just like that, now that was the world in which he woke up. She no longer looked the way she used to.

He too, by now was and felt profoundly changed. Now he could no longer find a valid alternative to what he had somehow become.

But what had he turned into by now? He didn’t understand it. He no longer knew what characteristic distinguished him, what made him say he now had a certain identity.

He pulled a long blanket over him, and made himself some tea. He looked out the window at that new, modern, fast-paced city, eager to do more, to evolve.

He looked out the window. It was now Christmas, he saw the Christmas lights. Yet, he did not feel the passion and the “Christmas spirit” necessary inside.

Without some things that made him feel really good, he couldn’t be as he wanted… he was almost hoping for something miraculous.

However, he set about putting on some festive ornaments, regardless.

It started to snow and he didn’t feel the urge to go anywhere.

But in any case he had the clear desire to change, even if he knew, unfortunately, that it would not be easy.

Meanwhile, his companions, to go to the volcano, used a locomotive.

Many people looked at them, they were certainly worthy of attention, given their bizarre appearance, but, as they had a regular ticket, no one chased them away.

– It’s almost Christmas. – Gugu affirmed. – it is eve, and we are going to a volcano.

– Well, we’ll go and give our friend a present. – Said Guguceppe.

–              Friend? It would be more correct to say that he is our … “owner”.

– I wouldn’t say, we’re all equal to him. – Randurass said.

After this statement, silence accompanied the journey of the bizarre beings, until they reached the slopes of the Phrob volcano.

– What are we doing here, Gugu? We followed you but we don’t know your intentions. – Said Guguceppe.

– This is a magical place. It is said that in this place, there is a creature capable of giving people back the “fire”. I want to give it back to the Eraculator.

-And, are you sure he wants to give it to us?

– No, but I want to try.

The three climbed all over the great volcano, and when they got to the top, they saw inside it, a creature standing on glowing stone platforms. Bizarre, but he lived there.

It was another birdman, more than two meters tall. He had a red hawk’s head and golden armor.

He saw those creatures descend into the crater, and stood waiting for them, with his arms folded.

–              What do you want? Not exactly the best time to take a volcano trip. – He said, in a deep, powerful voice, that he seemed to echo throughout the great crater.

– We need you if you want … we need a favor. A friend of ours … needs a new “ardor”.

– So, are you addressing me? A Christmas present? And why should I help you?

– Do you want something in return?

– I also forge very powerful weapons, and I like to fight. The strongest among you face me. He – He took two clubs that were lighted and incandescent.

–              All right. Randurass prepared to fight.

Without further hesitation, the two began to fight. The clubs threw flames, and the enemy was really strong, fast and skilled.

The human crow was in clear difficulty, it was time for him to get serious.

From behind him, his wings appeared, he began to fly.

– Do you think you are the only one who has this resource? – Even the man-hawk sprouted two wings behind him.

– Don’t kill yourself! – Gugu recommended him.

Randurass’s eyes lit up green, he rushed towards the enemy faster than before, catching them by surprise and striking them.

– Ughhh…. – a crow faster than a hawk? How is it possible?

The smith fell to the ground on the top of the volcano.

–              You’re still alive…? Um … what’s your name?

– Phrob, like the volcano. – The other replied, getting up. – Impressive fighting ability. I haven’t felt this way for years, okay, I’ll help you.

He connected with them, and found the thought of man, and through magic, he created something to give him.

– Quick, it’s getting late. – Gugu said.

– Soon it’s Christmas … best wishes. Phrob greeted them. – Review one more time.

–              You are crazy! – Randurass said.

Running, the three took the last train again to go home.

Randurass had a great capacity for self-regeneration, and he recovered quickly, despite the injuries sustained during the fight, were many.

And finally, they returned home to the Heraculator, who under the tree managed to find, as a gift, a little hope for his future …


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