Character Analysis: Michael Scott (from: The Office)

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Beware of any spoilers, if you haven’t seen the TV series yet! I advise you to watch it.

Michael Scott, the pivotal character of “The Office”. Like so many others, it is the parody of the role he holds, a person who if he were a manager, in real life, perhaps he would have been fired for a long time.

In fact he is a character in the throes of chaos, the chaos of his character, stretched between the Peter Pan syndrome and a perennial midlife crisis.

He is full of defects: irreverent, often ignorant, naive and very unprofessional (so much so that he considers his colleagues and employees, his best friends of him). Despite everything, his defects will also be his strengths to make everyone work at full capacity. He truly cares about every single member of his company, his branch of Dundler Mifflin.

To a large extent, he represents everything a manager shouldn’t be!

Somehow, however, in his work, despite his hypersensitivity, his belief in love, in people, he manages to make the company live and run.

In fact, when they fail and Saber buys them, the only branch not to close will be his. Perhaps a sign of an excellent job as a manager?

And then, when he has to leave to join Holly’s parents in Colorado, you can see how much, after all, everyone loved that manager full of manias, paranoia, childish and contradictions. Really moving!

And it is precisely this way of being that makes us love him, to us spectators, I mean. His belief in love, and being able to make it, with the woman of his dreams.

His groped in every way, often stupid and naive, to repair mistakes, to overcome social differences in the office … it’s all a big satire, and to take less seriously some much more serious issues that, even today, we are experiencing , after all.

He, Jim and Dwight are “the trio of wonders”, for me no one is better than them.

Can there be “The Office” without Michael Scott? I really do not think so.


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