Review:”Worship” – Hypocrisy new Album.

Italian version

The new Hyporcrisy album, “Worship”, which as soon as I read it was about to come out, I was quite happy, maybe it disappointed me a bit.

For what reason? It’s nice, it’s always a pleasure to hear the excellent Peter Tägtgren in growl and play, since for me, he is a very skilled musician, but …

Well, I must say that compared to the previous ones, it doesn’t give me much new, maybe because death metal is “like this”, I don’t know.

Yes, in short, the first criticism of this new album is: “yes nice, but … nothing new.”

They come back many years later: “End of Disclosure”, which was already better, much more varied.

I tell you that my favorite of the band is that of 2005: “Virus”, for me the best, as music, as songs, everything.

Instead, this new one … I don’t know, I like it, but I don’t think I can give some high marks, there are no songs that particularly struck me peer being able to say that it is “a masterpiece”, no it’s “La solita solfa”, from a certain point of view.

In short, the quality of the music, of the record, is not in question, however they remain at very high levels: for me Hypocrisy are one of the best death bands in the world.

The question is that I was expecting something new, some piece that made me “exalt” and come here to write that was “cool”.

But, my opinion is probably conditioned by previous ratings: if someone listened to this album without knowing them, it would be much more impressed, for him it would certainly be something much better.

After all, we are talking about great musicians, who know how to do their job: if someone who does not know them listened to this new album, he would certainly be impressed, much more than me.

The numerous merits of this work cannot be denied, which, from the most objective point of view, is something well done.

However, they are sacred monsters of death, and there is no question about this.

So what about? It’s a great album, which has disappointed expectations, especially mine. After so many years of absence, I expected something more… revolutionary.

I give it a 6.5-7, and I finish here. See you next time.

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