#Poetry:”I am Convinced”.

I am now convinced.

I am convinced,

of what I want.

And finally,

I feel the doubts leave me,

I feel relaxed,

I’m laying down,

and I forget everything.

I realize,

that if I change myself a little,

I can change my life,

and the future.


I am putting

Brick by brick.

And it begins to form,

a small flame,

a little certainty:

<< Yes, I’lldo it. >>

To have

What I want,

also quitting

to want it.

And now,


he sneaks inside me,

the certainty,

to be able to be

a little better.

And a day,

I think,

I will hold her in my arms,

I’ll hold her by the hand.

Very calmly, however,

without going crazy.

Without obsessing me.


it was a little obsession,

a little fixation,

a little in love,

a little, however,

above all,

I considered it

a friend.

Without owing me anymore

To justify.

And that was it

That matters most.

If you want a relationship,

you must be a little friend

or friend.

And now,

I am convinced,

I could,

without problems,

do it.

We will see!


If you want read the original version👉 https://loscrittorevolante.com/2021/08/17/poesiasono-convinto/#more-7915

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