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So many faces,

I change.

So many masks, i wear.

For everything I love and swear.

To hide my tears,

to forget my fears.

I just do that,

when I’m alone,

I want to be on my own.

I think nobody can really understand,

How I feel,

the more I do that,

the more seems real.

It’s a game of dreams to steal,

so just keep them into your wheel.

I change my face,

so of my sadness,

I leave no trace.

I want to be seen,

But not in the same screen.

So, the older I get,

the more I can’t forget.

The more I can’t let someone else win,

the more I hate, when I lose,

the more hell break loose.

The older I get,

the less I can bare failure,

the more I hate to see the same picture.

So, the less  I trust people,

the more i trust myself.

The more I want to solve riddles,

The more I discover self.

So, people can’t always help,

the see only the flaws,

the bad side.

Not an eye on what  I saw,

and on my quality.

They say I have capacity,

but they say that I can’t do what I want.

So I don’t understand,

I only can do what they say I can?

I’m lost into this dumbness,

into this hipocrisy and madness.

 But I don’t have a problem,

I think I can love them.

But I’ll just keep it quiet.

“I wanna be heard,

but leave no trace,

I wanna be seen,

but take no space”…



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