#Poetry:”Do feelings die?”

Italian version here: https://loscittorevolante.wordpress.com/2021/05/19/poesiai-sentimenti-muoiono/


I wonder if that’s true,

that things pass,

if the feeling dies,

if the anger really passes.

If a person you like, but doesn’t match you,

 you really stop liking it.

Maybe, many of us, if they gave us second chances,

We will be delighted.

Maybe it’s so much, too human.

Maybe we would be delighted to play our cards,

in a better way.

If the pain of losing the people you care ever goes away,


who is lost forever, unless there really is an afterlife,

the anger for not being able to keep them,

the disappointment, the bitterness.

Maybe it’s just the new feelings that replace the old ones,

that then we know that we must make peace with ourselves,

in order to survive,

or we’ll always be sick.

Maybe we always feel bad,

well-being is too short,

like life.



Do they pass? Does everything pass?

Or maybe we wear more and more,

the weight of our life, of our choices?

And the older I get,

the more I grow,

the more I feel the weight of my life,

of the years that pass, of the pains,

of tears, of joys.

The weight of feelings,

which are the strongest thing a human has.

And they are tied to me, like a chain,

like the balls of prisoners.

Maybe instead, I’m in a backpack,

they are a baggage, the baggage of life.

Maybe it depends on the moments.

I do not know.

What do you think, you who are reading, huh?

Yes, life always changes,

feelings always change, perhaps, like life.

They say that “people don’t change”,

but it is not true: we always change.

I have already changed, a lot.

With these bad experiences,

I keep walking, I keep living,

I keep carrying the pain inside me,

I keep carrying hope inside me,

the desire to love,

the desire to see who I have lost,

and put it all right, all right.

But maybe I’m deluding myself,

yet illusion is also useful, you know?



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