#Poetry: ” #Underdog”.

I’ve said I know what it measn to lose,

I said I’m a loser,

I said I know the bitter taste of defeat… But I’m ready for another war.

I want to win, to te-match.

I’veseen the bottom, so many times…

To hell and back, many times.
I know very well what it means to lose,

And I think I shouldn’t doubt myself anymore.

I feel I reach a certain strength and self-sufficiency,

so much that I recovered immediately.

Certainly, in less time than I used to do, once.

And I know that there is no need for anyone to tell me what I want,

what I can and cannot do.

But you can do everything in life …

I already feel ready for a new war.

It is true that I know how to lose,

but it is also true that I know how to win back.

A bit like a Risiko game: the first blow I lose,

the second I won very often. I am an underdog: they underestimate me,

but after that it gets lost and we can have a chance for rematch,

nobody stops us. We who? We losers hungry to take back what was taken from us.

What we have lost, hungry as dogs.


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