I was Wrong.

I was wrong.

It doesn’t happen often to say it, to hear it said, and above all to affirm it to oneself.

I thought different things, certainties that collapsed, or at least, so I thought they were.

In the end they were just illusions that didn’t have such a solid foundation.

How is maturity measured? Of course not. I have heard that some are “more mature” than others, especially they are affected if he is a younger person.

But there is no real “more or less”, a “Higher” and “Lower” and when humanity begins to understand this, it will truly be a better world.

There is only the DIFFERENT, the characters and personalities and characteristics.

Perhaps the younger boy who seems more “mature” to us is simply more rational. On the other hand then we have perhaps a person who has not yet learned to reason. Then the limits on both sides. The younger boy won’t listen too much to emotion, and the younger boy will listen too much.

They are two people who have limits, there is no superiority or inferiority. And I thought there was I was wrong for a long time.

Just as I was wrong to think that people should change and mature in a certain way, and make certain choices accordingly.

I said that some women would change, grow and mature after we, from the outside, saw them and believed them to be immature or childish.

But who tells me, who tells us that in reality they have really matured in their own way? The choices they have made are not “in our favor”, that is, they do not become “better” and they try to forgive, to redeem themselves, to close the past.

Nothing is guaranteed.

Who can ever tell us that things will have the “right conclusion”? in reality everything goes into oblivion as soon as something ceases to be interesting.

In the end no one gives a shit anymore, I was forgotten, shall we say, as soon as I stepped away from the spotlight.

I was wrong, because I believed that other people have a desire to become better, like me. but many people don’t want that, instead preferring the older, younger version of themselves, when they thought they were better off, but they only see the positive.

But do we really change, do we mature? Maybe we always stay the same. The only thing that really changes, perhaps, is learning not to repeat mistakes.

But our personalities remain, there is no escape. We can’t change those, on the contrary, I’ve noticed that you grow up knowing yourself, and the more I do it the more I discover sides of myself that are ignored or covered up, and I deepen my personality, which has always been the same, after all.

Of course, I can tell that it has been modified with time and experience, so it will certainly not be the same as that of a younger person.

And this no one escapes, not even those chasing the younger self, running like crazy.

I was wrong, I believed some things were more important than others, I believed with my intelligence that I could do anything, that there is a solution to every problem.

The truth is that there is, but willpower, willpower and reality are stronger than anything else and can crush all hope.

I remember when my priority was to recover lost relationships, with those people whose names I can now pronounce, but they were there, from the Radio.

I told myself I had to find a way, now, in this 2023 I have only one intention, never again to try to change reality. Very ambitious, very interesting, but… but we have to think of something else.

After all, Vialli also said it: “There is no time”.

and perhaps I wasted even too much.

I was wrong, I can’t help it, the past can’t be changed, there’s nothing to do but move forward. This future that I welcome, unlike many, with enthusiasm. Because I really think I’ve improved and I really think there can be better things. And I see it, because maybe personalities don’t change, but choices do, and also how to face life.

Confide in little, say little, or say nothing at all. Figure out who to give your heart to and maybe take it calmly, curiously, and ALWAYS ask yourself and ask questions.

But where do you look for the answers? From all sides, then no one really has one. Everyone makes his own, like the truth of him. Since there are no general rules to follow anyway, ever.

There are only your own, just as you feel, you can’t really change, you can’t force a change.

And now?

And now we see, as I bite my lip, knowing that I won’t see certain people anymore, that what’s lost is lost, or so it seems. Until you die you never know.

Reality truly fills with sadness, until joy arrives, and everyone looks for it and finds it wherever they like.

Love, career, work, oneself, within one’s passions, in nature, in the midst of the silence of the trees, inside the words you write.



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