Review:Darksiders Genesis.

It’s a game that came out several years ago, but which I recently rediscovered: “Darksiders Genesis” is a prequel to the other chapters, which is precisely a “genesis”.

“Hack and slash” type game I discovered, on the wikipedia page, it is different from the previous chapters: the combat is done a bit in the “Diablo” style, that is with a top view and not in third person, as in the others: we can change character between War and Conflict (we would have to understand why there are two characters with a name that expresses more or less the same concept), and both have a very different way of fighting.

While war as in the first Darksiders, uses the sword and close combat, Conflict is stronger at a distance, using two pistols, in fact.

I noticed, facing all the bosses of the game, how, in most cases, to be more “safe”, shooting at enemies and then dodging their attacks when they approached was a winning strategy, even for the last one clash.

I must say that it is atypical for me, used instead to close combat, let’s say, preferring the way of fighting of the “warriors”, more than the rest.

Maybe I should consider other things by now.

I noticed in Diablo 3, for example, using the wizard, that it was a piece of cake for me to finish it. Was it too easy or was I just too good at using the wizard? It was easy enough to finish even increasing the difficulty, I wanted to turn it up to the maximum I had to finish it first.

Instead Darksiders Gensis wasn’t easy, on the contrary: a very welcome thing indeed, because the second one for example was quite easy for me, so was the third one, instead now I’ve taken the first of the Darksiders again and I notice that it was tougher on normal difficulty.

I wonder if in many cases they have not reduced the difficulty or maybe I’m too experienced, I don’t know.

However at the beginning I was a bit “disappointed”, because it wasn’t like the others, but playing it, I can say that even so it had its positive sides, enjoyable game, with a good soundtrack, a good Italian dubbing, challenging fights and fun, above all because they are difficult, especially with some bosses, the variability of characters and environments.

And two main characters, War and Conflict with tough different characters, who seem like they are always up for a fight but avoid every time.

Conflict a sarcastic, seemingly cheerful character who appears to be the “brains” between the two, while Guerra appears to be more blind, and obedient, using his muscles.

Much more rigorous than his brother, he constantly reminds them that they must follow the will of the Arso Consiglio, while the other has several doubts.

The two brothers face numerous trials, to look for Lucifer who in the end completed his purpose, however, as in the genesis of humanity, corrupting it, in a certain sense, causing it to fall into violence.

This is the end of the game, that’s why it’s called Genesis, we only find out at the end.

I felt like playing the first one again, and I started it, more than ten years after its release.

In truth in 2022 I resumed from the second, moving forward, to the third and then Genesis, I knew of the existence of these last two and wanted to see what they were like.

I must say that I have always been passionate about these themes: angels and demons, Horsemen of the apocalypse and everything that derives from Christian mythology, a fantasy very close to our ways of conceiving heaven and hell.

In short, nothing to say: nice game.



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