With Nothing in hand.

After struggling so much,

after hoping,

I feel out of energy.

I do not know if I can

To believe in love.

Surely, if I find him again,

it will be different than before

different from how I had always imagined it.

After all

He looked me

And I find nothing in hand.

There is only the lesson,

have learned something,

have learned to love yourself,

or at least, start doing it,

but then…

of everything I want

I never

not even a crumb.

And then, what is it?

But simply be happy, free

free to be,

free to love.

Now that I feel a little emptiness inside me,

I feel so devoid of feelings.


with nothing in hand.

I have only hope

Of going away,

and that is the goal,

the right direction.




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