Hypocrisy Behind protest of Qatar 2022.

I’m sorry to spoil the party but there is nothing positive in social struggles waged by those with secondary interests, as FIFA is doing.

We all know that in Qatar there are despicable human conditions, and that there are workers who have lost their lives, and who in any case have not had a fair wage, according to them, everything should be covered up by the soccer world cup?

Do they talk a lot about human rights and defend a place where women are mistreated? And what does the Germany team doing in those summers represent me?

Do you know? They are all a mass of hypocrites, sorry for the outburst, but if they were against it they did it first, they tried to boycott it or they didn’t go.

Easy to do now, to be nice to the world, and people praise and applaud them too. Eh, well done! Yes, embers, like the people who think the world should only go one way, right?

What should we rebel against? A country? A culture? A religion?

Those who wear the band risk being admonished, those who don’t say that culture must be respected… or perhaps they don’t want to lose us? Do you really believe that these people can be human rights representatives? Of minorities? Of the LBTQs?

But if it is still considered a taboo to be homosexual among football players, and if you say so you risk being discriminated against in the locker room, but please!

Infantino and company make a big scene, but it’s all smoke and no fire. This world championship was born from the corruption of Blatter and Platinì, it could have been stopped and yet the new FIFA representatives still went ahead and it is shameful because Infantino and company are then clearly accomplices and you, who see you sharing stories with these things, follow them.

That is, we must realize that they are making fun of us and it is shameful.

Personally I think that mixing politics and football is wrong, making these sides with people who, for the most part, are rather out of situations bigger than them.

You put on the rainbow band and what do you solve? Does Discrimination End? Do the dead on stadium work come back to life?

Shall we wear this band and represent a ma ‘ sticazzi community of dead Asian workers? Oh yes, only for someone these things are worth doing, right?

What should we do? Go to another country and tell them what they’re doing is wrong? After all, who is right or wrong?

The Islamic religion seems to be further behind than ours but, were it not for the fact that our religion has lost power, we Italians too would be like them.

But if it seems right to think that what other peoples are doing is wrong, how can it be done? Should we take them and convert them to our way of thinking? Doesn’t that make us like them?

I see a lot of hypocrisy in these struggles, a lot of “washed face” and very little of substance. It is done to sell more, sell better, as well as in the series, in which they are forcing the entry of characters of color, lgbq and various minorities.

But no one will have a real cure for raising awareness, on the contrary, perhaps the more you do it, the more hatred grows, because this is not the right way to raise awareness, to engage in politics, to make people understand the hardships of these minorities, of those people who, rightly so, want to feel free.

I think they are, and they are certainly not stupid, they know very well that it is a joke, who will be interested, will also have the ability to think about it and see these antics for what they are.

The real demonstrations are others, those that are made by those who experience these hardships: they cannot be made by these players, who are privileged anyway.

Don’t get fooled.




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