#review – Divisive” new album of Disturbed. – Welcome back!

Disturbed are back, my favorite band for many years now.

Since it’s the first time I bring a review about them I tell you that I’ve been a fan for a very long time since before “Indestructible” came out, which I promptly bought, and since then I’ve never stopped collecting their records, taken because I have always been in my heart.

I was 18-19 at the time, and after years of Hip-Hop I started to detach myself from that music, and to explore something else.

I landed in metal and to tell the truth, the first Disturbed song I heard is the most unexpected of all, one that few or fewer of the more mainstream will know: “Forsaken”. Coming from none other than the soundtrack of “Queen of the Damned”, a film based on the Interview with the Vampire series, for your understanding.

From that song, this very long love departed, therefore, lasted for 15 years, if I’m not mistaken.

But they are “back”, in what sense? Not only that after “Evolution” they released a new album, but that it has many “strong” Metal pieces, there are no “ugly” or more “soft” tracks.

Why do I say this? Even if the albums following “Asylum” weren’t too bad, for me they didn’t stand the comparison, there were songs that were a little more “ugly”, or that didn’t captivate and fascinate me as before.

In fact, for me “Asylum” is their best work, together with “Indestructible”. In short, the following ones didn’t make the same impression on me, I always had some tracks that I liked less.

Now, “Divisive” just released today at midnight, November 18th, since as mentioned, I’m a longtime fan, I wanted to hear it right away.

I think the first listen the one that “deflowers” us, is the best, because you get more involved, and it’s better to do it with headphones, and maybe even more atmosphere to do it at night.

And from the first track to the last, I got carried away in the new world of DIsturbed and I thought that I couldn’t find a less beautiful track, it was something unexpected; for this I thought that they are “back”, in the sense that I have found the “old them”, both with the music and with the lyrics.

Let’s face it: pieces like “Fire it Up”, however funny or catchy, weren’t very convincing, they were “skippable”.

Now for the first time from “Asylum”, in short, if I LISTEN to their album again, I know that I can enjoy great music without skipping one.

In short, an excellent product, of 10 tracks.

Let’s go into the details, let’s start with “Hey You”, a nice introductory track, which recalls others, very similar to “The Vengful One”, which also fulfilled its duty to get us into the “mood”.

Disturbed are not new to protest songs, to show us the truths about the society we live in, about many things that are wrong, “Got the wrong Kind of mindset” – “You’ll only grow to despise it”.

The second track, “Bad Man” presents these themes even more, from the text I assume it speaks of precisely, a “bad man, I think it refers to who are toxic characters for society, on the reason that the innocent are the first to shed blood . I thought he was referring to the political cornerstones who want war, organize it and make sure that, in fact, many people lose their skin and the rest.

Then we go to the title track, “Divisive”, which I had already previewed, which is one of my favourites, it has a great sound, and I think it has a catchy chorus” (in the sense of metal), very engaging, then there is a great and beautiful solo by Dan Donegan.

This text is also very beautiful, for me, another protest song, towards someone who divides, precisely, with lies, who deceives others:” You just can’t seem to fill that hole in your heart

So you play the victim for the people who

Depend on the depth of your lie…”

The later “Unstoppable” is also one of my favourites. It’s one of those rare cases (sort of) where the singles are the best songs.

I say this because it has happened very often in life, (and with Disturbed in particular), that the songs released before weren’t always the best on the album: that’s why I always listen to them in one piece, because I know that my favorite could be (often), out of the “spotlights”.

However, even this track “gags me”, I think that the music and the voice of our David accompany each other perfectly. But this shouldn’t surprise us too much, since they are very expert musicians.

It’s an immense pleasure to be carried away by the waves of the rhythm, with the timbre of the singer going in time so as to involve us in all ways, in my opinion.

Also the next “Love to Hate” has a nice message, denouncing hate, as everyone loves to hate, “Why don’t we love to hate such depravity?

Inhumanity is common”.

A positive streak of beautiful songs continues that I can’t help but deeply appreciate, this album didn’t disappoint me practically at all, since I noticed a great musical variability, there are more “strong” tracks, and less, but in case

of “Feeding the fire”, I tasted a strong intensity and the confirmation that David Draiman is very versatile with the voice, this thanks to his great experience, how he “plays” with the notes, with the music, fantastic.

Then we have “Don’t Tell Me” with Ann Wilson, a metal love song, (or so I think). A lighter song, union of two very strong voices, female and male, reminiscent of “Close My Eyes Forever”, which actually David had already covered with his other band, the “Device”, with Lzzy Hale, the frontwoman (heheh) of Halestorm.

From this piece onwards, I liked the following songs less, but not in the sense that they are not beautiful, let’s say that they are less in comparison.

But it’s been a while since I heard an album with all the tracks that work, in a record that works, you don’t want to skip one, my sincere congratulations, therefore, to my favorite band. I want to give it a 9.0, but maybe I’ll be biased, I don’t know. This is my idea, let me know yours, in case


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