#Review:”Rings of Power” – Critichs are right?

The TV series “The Rings of Power” has been widely criticized. I immediately state my disagreement with these criticisms who say it was bad for the sole reason that it was not canonical or that not everything came from Tolkien’s works.

I think these things happen when you are biased and therefore you watch a TV series guided by this feeling of prejudice and therefore you only see the negative things, you pay too much attention to the details that are separate or not entirely congruent with the writer’s works British.

But I think that these things, although they may be important, cannot determine the beauty of the TV series which, in my view, had no particular flaws. I would have understood if the criticisms would have been on the cast, on the way it was filmed, special effects, things of a technical nature, instead the series is very good from these points of view: it knows how to entertain, the actors were good, the plot it has particular holes and was entertaining and smooth.

From the first episode to the last of all 8, indeed, you get involved in the atmosphere of middle earth, with all the bizarre creatures that live there.

I had also heard complaints about black elves, specifically I guess Arondir, who is a nice character, by the way.

In other words, the thing that amazes me is reading often criticisms or observations that are often not entirely related to the product or series, its quality, its ability to get us involved. Instead of picking on amazon which according to some is “ruining” the lord of the rings, we should let ourselves be kidnapped by this world, perhaps even with nostalgia.

And I also laugh a little, because “The Rings of Power”, even if it is the only series that exists, is not even the first to have these famous inconsistencies or lack of canonicity.

Do we also want to say that “The Hobbit” himself, the three films, have put things inside to lengthen the broth, even if they are canonical? In that case, however, no one complained.

A trilogy of films born for a book that was half of half of that of the lord of the rings, well.

Even in video games it happens, as in what I reviewed some time ago: “The shadow of Mordor”, but even in that case no witch hunt. How come?

And I feel that Pter Jackson would like to sue Amazon, as if he created Lord of the Rings.

He just has Tolkien to thank for the success, in my opinion! Indeed, someone might be curious after seeing the series and push himself to watch his films.

I suspect that the truth is that he is gnawing because he didn’t make TV series or films, that Amazon has, so to speak, excluded him.

The series is really well done, it transports us to the second era, a kind of prequel to the lord of the rings, and perhaps even to “The Hobbit”.

They are episodes of about one hour and present us with different characters each with their own storyline, Galadriel, Nori, Arondir, Isildur, who intertwine with each other.

The scenario that Middle-earth presents us with is well done, excellent effects, especially when they show us Numeror.

Apart from that I liked how they keep people attentive, without making us lose the thread, a not too complicated plot, with some twists and interesting implications.

That is, I saw it without these preconceptions and therefore I liked it, even a lot, without mincing words.

If someone watches a series without thinking too much about it, they can really enjoy it, so this review is actually more of a critique than the critiques, because there really is nothing else to say: it’s beautiful, I recommend it, because the analysis I’m doing is really this: it has no particular flaws to reflect on, on the contrary, far from it.

It tells the story of the characters, very beautifully, in detail. These new actors do not regret the old ones.

Galadriel herself is very similar and let’s turn for a moment to the SPOILERS (WARNING) of the plot:

the fact that Sauron was someone who was not suspected until the end is for me an indication of quality, besides the fact that for me they transport us to the world of Middle-earth, in a way that we really feel involved.

And this is it, basically. And finally, let me know yours.



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