I believe that at certain moments in life, it is normal to wonder who you are dealing with.

At the first quarrels, some people do not know how to do anything, they do not know how to confront each other, they just want to bully and nothing, the relationship ends between heavy words and nervousness.

And then in the eyes of other people, you, who wanted to clarify, you seem to be crazy. Yes, perhaps you don’t always have the rationality and the coldness to let it be, to understand that in moments of anger you have to let go, or that it is simply not always worth it… but if one cares, he tries.

I am struck by the lack of maturity to be able to resolve a conflict. There is only the refusal of confrontation, as if they were afraid of being wrong.

They want to stay in their fairy worlds where they think only they are right, where quarrels don’t happen, and if they do, it’s not their fault.

I wonder, have these people ever quarreled? They say they have had relationships, but have they ever had misunderstandings?

Of course, these relationships are over and you have to ask yourself why: the funny thing is that for some of them they recognize that they are to blame.

Yet, when it happened to argue with me, they have always had an attitude of superiority, and this has always been what made me particularly pissed off: never take a moment to listen, to understand the other person.

Nothing, arguments are used to grow and understand each other better, but only after a debate, and to understand the respective points of view, without necessarily agreeing.

How sad.


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