Hope’s death.

“Hope is the last to die”, an ancient proverb, now left behind.

It is thought that this type of thinking is the best way to move forward: “as long as there is life there is hope”, giving this feeling, perhaps the most human of all, a 100% reliable, almost immortal connotation.

Have you ever felt this feeling of yours die?

I think he might not be the last to do it, in truth. But surely when it happens, well …

First of all you realize that it is not immortal and it is not impossible for it to end, but this seems to be so logical that it is almost taken for granted.

When it happens, stop believing it, stop thinking about eventualities that in the end you know will never happen.

No, people don’t come back, they don’t think, they don’t change their opinion.

There is no hope that some will change. Life experience has taught that when someone goes away, he goes away. It will stay away for life, and thinking it can return to being part of it is something that is on the edge of rationality.

Too many circumstances would have to be “activated” to make that hope and eventuality happen.

It would be to place expectations and hopes on people who do not think, or do not do it well enough, about the circumstances, since many like to think they are right, never questioning themselves, never going out of their own way.

And then with the passage of time you realize that hope is nothing but an illusion, after all.

There is really no way that one resumes speaking peacefully, reconnecting friendships, after disputes, misunderstandings and heavy misunderstandings.

And then, even if it happens, you have to ask yourself if you are dealing with people who are willing to forget the past and who will not bring it out in the next quarrels.

We argue, but there are those who go in monologue, and see only themselves, in short.

Hope dies, and when it does, it is also the death of the heart and of love, and of all those things that could have hoped for it.

All that remains is to collect the pieces of what has broken, not to reassemble something, but to understand.

This is how one becomes more indifferent, cynical, and alas, it is even more difficult to have the desire to look for love or something like that somewhere.

In the end in these moments I find myself sitting by the bonfire inside of me, sitting next to the version of myself that is tired, really a lot.

You don’t want to fight anymore, you don’t want to hope anymore.

And he feels distant, that feeling, so much that it is now unattainable.

Hope dies, and when it does, its absence is very much felt.

Nobody comes back, nobody will understand. And maybe one day we will understand how much better it was like this, how much it is to grow, and be able to move forward, more than many people we know, and especially those who have left, are able to do.

I would say that the doors are always open, but they are like this in a kingdom that is now extinct, to tell the truth.

I’m wondering if anyone comes back, what am I supposed to tell them now, now that that fire is now extinguished?


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