Beyond ourselves.

At the base of everything is communication, I firmly believe that. If it happens that someone does not communicate with you, it means that there is no comparison, there is no openness to the other, therefore also to ourselves.

I have understood by now that when two people lack the ability to understand, it is not something they have only towards each other, but against a part of themselves that irritates them, makes them unable to listen, to understand rationality. that there is another opinion.

Many people are afraid of the opinion of others, and it is much simpler, for them, for many, it is better to close in their own convictions, like a hedgehog.

As in an ivory tower deemed impenetrable and inviolable, because we are afraid of changing, of seeing things from another perspective, of detaching ourselves, of ourselves, in order to embrace something new.

To also be able to understand why certain things happen, right?

Instead I see that many prefer, in fact, to close in on themselves, considering it easier, indeed, it is much easier, to have someone else to accuse, a scapegoat, to believe that it is “all his fault” and that’s it, that’s it. .

No want no forethought of comparison, because the “benefit” of the doubt is its opposite, they don’t want it, they don’t want it, nothing, nada.

Well, everything is avoided out of fear.

You can understand that when someone asks you for a confrontation, a live meeting to clarify, people refuse, the same one who complained / complained about your own boasted cowardice, in short.

Because? But it is clear that in my opinion, one is afraid of direct confrontation, one prefers to use whatsapp messages, because he refuses to think, to accept that there is an opinion different from theirs, and moreover: I think they are afraid of seeing the collapse of the their ideas, therefore, themselves.

In the end, it would be enough to think for a moment, but alas, we know very well that it is preferred

Destroying more than building.

What are we to be amazed at? In disparate situations, we always talk about the same people who tend towards extinction, in practice.

Human beings have a disturbing desire to kill, eliminate, destroy and therefore, destroy themselves.

By now I must recognize that the only ones responsible for our death could be none other than ourselves, no meteorite, no alien, no disease, no.

To see how wars proceed, how priority and importance are given to things that do not have it, and if someone wants to give a positive message, he does it in the wrong way.

We see activists dirtying a picture, or people blocking traffic, arousing more anger and indignation than real awareness.

In both cases, there is talk of taking it out and / or harming those who do not enter directly: a museum and motorists.

“Do you care more about the planet or the painting?” why must something be trivialized, its importance erased? And why should we harm people who go to work, stopping traffic, leading them to exasperation?

Why not protest in more appropriate locations, perhaps right in front of factories or companies? I just don’t understand.

It seems like something made on purpose to be seen, which maybe makes sense but… well, there are too many against.

In any case, there is division, the lack of communication, of balance. Fear of confrontation, fear of discovering oneself.

Like the fear of growing up, of taking on responsibilities, often remaining anchored to remote pasts.

After all, we are in a way and in a society that doubts so much about the future, that it is doubtful that it will exist.

We must go beyond ourselves, be able to contemplate ourselves as a whole, inside, outside, on any side of our mind and body, creating new balances.

I believe that we can change, improve. I spend a lot of time meditating and reflecting on my life, because I want change, improvement.

I do not want to stay in the same places, in the same stories, and then, something that many do not know, but the mistake is welcome, it is welcome to go to places that are not “ours”, because right there we can know new things about us.

Despite the fact that many acquaintances were found (in theory) “wrong”, I do not regret anything. By immersing myself in something “Not mine”, I was able to know and discover myself.

From a certain point of view, “sticazzi” of what I have lost, the sclera, the misunderstandings … because you see what you can do with them, you reap the rewards to love you, love you, and become a better person.

Even if not everyone sees it, it doesn’t matter, because the first thing these things have to count for is always you.


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