#Review – Corba Kai season 5.

The long awaited new season of Cobra Kai was, as usual, very funny and engaging, even if it is a fiction more for boys, teen-agers.

For several years now I have been following the adventures of Johnny Lawrence and co., One of the protagonists, it can be said. Initially, after all, Cobra Kai had “the task” of showing us the other side, not just Daniel, the famous protagonist of “Karate Kid”.

Obviously in the meantime the plot has developed together with the characters, one of the most commendable things.

In this fifth season, we see Johnny stop (on one hand) being a hothead, or at least try. However, some characteristics remain, and they are the ones that make us love it.

Since SPOILER has a child * on the way, he decides to start putting his head right, he’s a messy, messed up, very simple but big-hearted man.

You see a scene where he had made such a pigsty home to him that he had cockroaches as roommates, actually quite disgusting.

It fits with the character, in fact: a person almost always drunk, who, however, can be said to face and have had a fight with his depression.

In my opinion, even if they do not make it explicit, Johnny suffers / suffered a lot: he is the typical character who has fallen several times, and got up, with difficulty.

Let’s remember that at first he was without a job, he was alone and in fact, a drunkard. How can we define this state if not depression? Maybe very stressed, but, in my opinion, this is one of the most important things.

A middle-aged man initially without a family, without art or part, did not know where to turn his head … until he meets Miguel and decides to open the dojo, calling him Cobra Kai.

As we know (since you’re here reading the Season 5 review… so SPOILER I don’t know to what extent) he loses the dojo and reopens “Eagle Fang”.

As a fan of Johnny, that is to me the most interesting and charismatic character, I believe that if there should be or there will be a happy ending, it should be him who reopens the “Cobra Kai” Dojo, this is the work he really knows and must do. and it would make him happy. We all hope it ends like this, with his two children (or I should say three, including the one coming, since Miguel is now “adopted”), and continuing to teach his karate.

I started with him because I was pleased to see that he has changed, has matured, and finally he and Daniel make friends, putting away (again FINALLY) old grudges.

In fact, the discrepancies between the two characters will have pulled too long, in fact I make a criticism of the creators of the plot: that is, having insisted too much on the stubbornness of the two, indeed, especially of Daniel who continued to believe that “the correct way ”To do karate was his.

After all, a martial art can be considered as a sport, a discipline. So like everyone for example, he plays football in a different way, with his style, this will also affect karate.

As in everything: it is not the tool, the object that is evil, but the use made of it, so the Cobra Kai is not “evil”, it is whoever uses it to do harm.

This is why I believe that Johnny could “clean up” the name of his house of origin, making sure that his students can both learn the discipline without becoming violent bullies, as we have seen all too often.

However, here we see a different Daniel, who begins to believe that he was wrong, that there is no “right” way to teach a discipline, and finally, he is convinced and asks for help.

Chozen then appears, the character of Karate Kid 2 the “villain”, who is now Daniel’s friend and ally, together try to unmask the misdeeds of Silver, who (without telling you too much) will always do everything to weaken LaRusso’s determination, leading him to doubt himself and to throw himself down.

Thanks to his old enemy, Johnny, he will recover and together they will go against Silver and his “gang”, which also includes an interesting character: the daughter of the teacher of Kreese and of Silver, or from whom everything was born. Her name is Kim Da-Eun.

And it’s interesting because we also see the origins of this style and how the two characters were learning.

In short, many good and beautiful things, which make the series quite smooth. The plot is pretty simple and it’s interesting how the different visions of the characters show us.

In the end, among the many things I ask myself: is Silver so “of her”? or was it Kreese himself who made it this way? If it hadn’t been for him, the old man would have stayed to live his life as a rich man, until retirement or death, without doing anything else; a quiet life.

So is Silver like this because is there a specific reason? It was probably just Kreese’s bad influence.

However, I have some criticisms to make: to begin with, the plot is now quite repetitive, predictable and even a little pointless or boring.

I mean (SPOILER ALERT) be careful. Now I will say things about the plot, to make my criticism, eye) … what sense does it make in the end “get drunk” the characters to go and attack Silver in her house? Was this excuse needed, along with the character Mike Barnes who doesn’t quite understand why he kidnaps them in the limo with them inside? What did he want to do? I don’t know.

That is, by giving the excuse of intoxication they wanted them to fight against Silver, practically.

I think (and I don’t think I’m wrong) that the creators realized that it would always be the same story: guys who meet around and beat each other, bullying and everything would have been “resolved” with yet another official race.

Obviously everything ends in fuss and kisses between guys, who have reconciled and all is well. The romantic part that goes and works for the younger ones but as an adult, I couldn’t care less, honestly.

Maybe it’s me, but I prefer the part of the fights, of the creed of the discipline, for me they are the most interesting things, but there is this outline.

The other thing that doesn’t fit is the betrayal of “penis-breath”, randomly, without many explanations, which reveals in the end that he is a traitor, right at the last episode, only to realize he was wrong.

So this betrayal, what was the point of inserting it? To make some kind of twist? Um, quite embarrassing and useless.

Finally as a last critic, I put in certain scenes with certain actors who aren’t all that gorgeous, to say the least.

I remember the scene where they force Tory to hit a stone block, and the three henchmen want to stop her from leaving home.

And their movements were so mechanical and rigid that really, it didn’t feel like we were talking about people working on a very successful series.

That said, sorry, I’ll be long gone but I wanted to tell you everything.

I repeat: there is a series for young people, which involves young actors, consequently, perhaps not always experts.

Many fall in love with certain characters more, not so much for how they are made, in my opinion, but it is the actors who have the right charisma, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

It took me less than the previous series, and well, I wobble between a 7-5-8 vote.

Let me know yours and see you next time.


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