#Review:”Splatoon 3″

The new game featuring “our” favorite squid is something new on many levels, most notably the story mode.

I finished that one and started writing a review, but I think it is enough together with the online battles, which in any case are practically the same as the previous one … but we get to it.

Without telling you too much, but in case pay attention to the spoilers as usual in the story mode, as in the previous ones we meet cuttlefish, who calls us “number 3” and we are a kind of secret agent who fights against enemies who have kidnapped the great fish rock, the creature that supplies energy in the world of Splatoon is essential.

While it is thought that they are the “usual suspects” or Dj Octavius, in fact the first boss, the truth is much darker, and here at the beginning of the game, the most interesting thing happens for me.

It ends up in a great depth. Alterna, a place previously inhabited by humans. Here, here Nintendo has done a really interesting thing, because if you finish all the levels, even the unnecessary ones, you will unlock (or we will unlock) the information on this place, which slowly reveals the origins of the world of Splatoon and SPOILER is not as I had or had always believed or a fantastic world inhabited by humanoid squid, but it is the planet earth … but I don’t want to tell you more.

Suffice it to say that there are different areas of Alterna and you can decide which levels to do. Each will reward a certain number of fish eggs, which can be used to unlock other levels, areas or to start / start them.

Some are very difficult, something else I didn’t expect, usually the game has always been kid-friendly, so to speak. But this time something else … I managed to finish them all, even the “extra” one at the end, which was an odyssey for me.

I did not expect such a difficulty from Splatoon, I repeat, a game that I have always liked but had never had particular difficulties.

Finishing all the levels, as mentioned above, unlocks the whole story, even on the final boss, who will not tell you who he is, maybe not now, at the end.

After this mode, however, well done and organized for me, accompanied by the mystery of the world of Alterna which, precisely, it is exciting to reveal just by doing all the levels, to find out how it went, let’s move on to the online one, the “heart” of the game.

Let’s start with the news: new weapons, such as swords and the like that shoot certain amounts of ink, and bows, some shoot arrows that explode on contact with the ground like bombs.

In fact, also new types of bombs and skills that have increased and expanded the creativity of the game and make the fights more exciting.

The modalities in the lobby have remained the same: friendly: the aim of the game is to color more the terrain of the opponents, the same remains even in the splatfest. (I’ll get there later).

It could be said that Splatoon is practically the game on “airsoft”, since to beat the enemy you have to fill it with paint, “splatting it”.

Then there are the pro modes like:

1) Splat Zone: you have to control a specific action of the pitch, up to a certain period of time, contending with the enemy, until the time runs out, the opponents could always reverse the situation. And it happens much more often than you imagine. As in the following modes, you can win or lose, even when the enemy or you will have the highest score, such as when you have controlled the area for the longest time, for example, when time runs out. They are usually 5 minutes.

2) Vongol Gol: in this mode we should collect clams scattered around the map, as soon as we collect 10 they will turn into a ball very similar to those of rugby / football, and we should throw it in the enemy goal area, which is very similar to making a basket. It is a protective ball, a barrier, just destroyed, we should throw in as many clams as possible, yes, it is not necessary to get to 10 in this case, but it goes without saying that the more you throw, the more you will score points. After a few moments. The enemy barrier (or yours) will be restored, and you will have to throw a ball again to destroy it. A mode full of attack and defense, like football, let’s say. As in the previous mode, you win when you reach the highest score when the time runs out or, in fact, until the indicator is reset.

3) Mobile Tower: there is a tower in the center of the map, the aim of the game is to bring it to the enemy area, until the indicator runs out, or when you have approached the “final” enemy area. Here too you can win or lose when time runs out, it always depends on who has the highest score. To make the tower move you have to be on top.

4) Bazookarp: perhaps the mode I like least: you have to conquer a weapon, called, in fact, “Bazookarp”, protected by a barrier that, if you are not careful, when it explodes, it could kill you. This weapon fires powerful rockets, but it is slow and difficult to aim, especially because whoever has the weapon will be targeted by the enemy, who will want to regain it. ‘last, or as before, time runs out and the higher score is from yours.

Another novelty is that you can make a mode that will make you play more games, you will have to win 5 in a row, with the condition that if you lose 3, you will be out. This allows you to score higher and advance.

Here, one thing that I find very pleasant is that they have made the advancement of rank more “human” and also the relegation. Advancing from B to B + became smoother, unlike the 2.

I make a criticism: they haven’t, as far as I’ve seen, introduced new modes, in pro online games, I mean. They are these and they were these also in 2.

For me this is the most relevant flaw, did they bring all the news except in this case? I am not saying that the previous ones had to be canceled, but new ones should be made? I was a little disappointed.

The “salmon run”, on the other hand, even if the aim is always to collect as many golden eggs as possible and put them in the basket, presented novelties: new enemies, new salmonids with new abilities, along with other methods of collecting and playing.

There are enemies who can dive like dolphins in paint, for example, or salmon who drive flying saucers… in short, they have renewed themselves there.

Speaking of the Salmon run, but now SPOILERONE: that the villain was Ursus… and we defeated him in history, how does it work?

The splatfest, in which for the most part you have to color the opponent’s terrain more than the enemy, is always fun. In this case the city is always a party and I noticed this time how it gradually changes as it approaches, that they do work to build the various attractions. Now I don’t remember if it also happened in the previous ones.

In the splatfest, practically what you did in the friendly mode, it becomes competitive, because whoever scores the most points also wins in the festival.

The novelty, in this case, is that when you go to vote in the terminal, there will be three options instead of two.

What am I talking about? In the game there are characters who work on TV and tell you what the current online game scenarios are. They change every two hours. These same characters, when the splatfest is about to approach, will give you alternatives to vote on, they are always themed.

To make you understand, for example, last week’s one was about: “what would you take to a desert island?” with alternatives of: food, games, or utensils.

Video from my  twitter:

Aside from my previous criticism, which may still be relative, and I’ll play it pretty much anyway, I really enjoyed the game, nothing to say, to give it a 9 – 9.5.

See y’all next time!



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