The Day That Never Comes.


with an illusory hope,

still waiting.

I still hope to see things

With another light.

For a long, long time now,

there is bad news

and it seems to get worse and worse.

This world,

by now it has separated us from many things

that used to make us feel good.

In these wars

What do we do between us

In which in the end, no one is right.

It is so disarming.

And me,

still wait


the day that will never come.

I still hope

That I will receive that unexpected message,

from (her)

that somehow things will work out

that I will be able to right the wrongs, and the errors,

that I can prove that I have changed.

I still hope for returns.

And I admire, however,

this harsh reality,

where I know that

that day will never come.


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