#Review:”The Sandman” – The new netflix’s tv series.

I knew this “Sandman”, for the fame of the comic, but they were just hints, before the series came out, then I deepened, definitely.

The new series produced by Netflix tells the story of the god of dreams: Morpheus, who, as he is also said in the comics, is imprisoned by humans, through a magical rite, who had initially mistaken him for Death, to obtain immortality. .

He will be able to free himself after a few centuries, and in the first few episodes, he will have to search and find his magical tools that have been stolen from him.

Without staying here for too long to summarize the plot, I could do some spoilers to better understand this series, which I liked a lot, so I warn you, you might find something about the plot, read it after seeing the series, this review.

I know it was a pretty expensive series, but that shows in the quality and “power” of all the special effects.

In fact, the quality of them, and how it was shot is clear, instead of seeing a series, in some ways, it seems to see a series of films, of excellent quality.

The god of sleep is a very silent, introverted, reserved creature. Rather severe, but also endowed with a great determination, like that of absolutely finding the objects he is missing, because they could do something very dangerous, in the wrong hands.

Morpheus is a human figure, with very pale skin, and a very “emo” way of doing and looking, if you can say so.

He has a way of practically speaking, always calm, calm, even when he has to inflict his punishments on him.

In the opening episodes, as mentioned, she searches for her lost objects, meets a character that many of us know well, but in this world she is a woman: Joanna Constantine (female version of John), also an expert on the supernatural, interpreted by excellent Jenna Coleman (Clara in Doctor Who).

Here I make a note: it is clear that some characters, created as male, have changed gender, but also other characteristics.

For example, Lucien (in this case Lucienne) is also a woman and black. What does it have to do with you? We’ll come back to that later, to tell you the thing that perplexes me the most about the TV series e and d, actually how and WHERE the world is going.

Morpheus moves between the world of dreams, the earth and other fantastic places, in fact at some point he will go to hell.

The setting of these places has been taken care of down to the smallest details, we are talking about a fantasy series, in which there are many elements of folklore and inspired by other great works.

The series, in addition to being visually well done, also raises some moral / philosophical questions: in hell, in order to recover his mask, Morpheus will have to challenge Lucifer, in this case, the fallen angel has a woman’s face, like it is right, after all, angels have no sex, so there is no way to identify it, but it does not matter, because like practically all actors, and actresses, she is excellent at playing her role.

But she struck me, because for me it was very special, a very kind face, in contrast with the figure that is the devil, in fact.

In this struggle, they create imaginary worlds, in which each of the two says what it is, Morpheus checks it out because he says it is hope, and nothing can beat hope.

Interesting, is that really so? But can’t the lack of faith or despair be considered as such?

“Hope is the last to die”, or does it never die? Maybe.

Some episodes have been made, for the most part, without Morpheus appearing, if not at the end, such as the one in which he must recover his ruby, which however possesses the son of the woman who had stolen it, which is a bit crazy, just because of his mother.

His name is John Dee.

She was the lover of the one who had imprisoned Morpheus in the beginning, that man (Roderick Burgess, interpreted by none other than Tywin Lannister or Charles Dance), had told him to have an abortion, she steals the artifacts of the god of dreams and runs away .

In one episode, the son, now aged, in a diner, with the ruby ​​(which is one of Morpheus’ objects), modifies people’s lives, gradually leading them not to lie, therefore not to hold back anymore.

Some people see that they break free from their own chains, which in a sense we can see as positive, but afterwards they exaggerate to the point that they become too limitless and then start killing themselves, which John was aiming for from the beginning, since he seems to be a serial killer, he likes to kill, and he does it this way with the ruby, without even doing it himself.

And he asks questions, such as not lying and always telling the truth, according to him, leads to being what one really is.

But the truth, it seems that the ruby, by modifying reality, trapping them in that diner, forces them and forces them to become that way, so there is nothing “noble” in his actions.

People are transformed into wild creatures, devoid of rationality, and therefore increasingly animalistic and devoid of thinking, even to survive.

When Morpheus finds him, he will say that he has freed them, that he wants to do so with the whole world. Ruby has the power to make dreams come true.

He will try to kill Morpheus, but luckily, the ruby ​​that will break was a container of true dream power, so our protagonist is alive.

He spares man, so to speak, but still punishes him.

A character, therefore, who also acts as a judge, is not limited to his dream world, which he will have to reconstruct.

It turns out, later, that Morpheus’s troubles were all caused by his brother Desiderio’s plot, because he evidently hates him.

He would be the main villain of the series, although in this first part, it would be more correct to say that he is Corinthian, the nightmare escaped from the world of dreams, rebellious to his lord, because he kills humans, and a serial killer who goes out his eyes. of his victims and aims to prevent the return of his lord and kill him, to be free.

In the second part, Morpheus will look for those who have escaped from his world, who are somehow all connected to the new “threat” a vortex, a human creature with the great power (no one knows how) to upset the real world and dreams. , risking to cause a collapse of realities and therefore also the end of the world.

The Sandman. (L to R) Tom Sturridge as Dream, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death in episode 106 of The Sandman. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

The one who owns it, Rose, will be manipulated (at least, they will try), in an attempt to get her to kill Morpheus, luckily it does not happen.

But there are episodes detached from the plot, like my favorite, the sixth “The Sound of her wings” £, in which a human, in the presence of Dream and his sister Death, declares that he never wants to die.

Morpheus challenges him to see if he will ever want to die, and so they decide to see each other in the same place every hundred years.

From 1500 onwards (it seems to me) the two will see each other in the same tavern, the world changes, like the life of the character, who passes from the rich to the poor and in the midst of many troubles.

He is immortal, and he lives practically everything.

In some bizarre way he befriends Morpheus and believes him to be so, even though the god never reveals his true identity.

However, as we know, Morpheus has been imprisoned, so he will miss an appointment, and the character, Hob Gadling, will be a little worried since they had a fight last time.

This episode is very beautiful, because Morpheus, who apparently has a heart of ice, is really fond of this human.

You can see how he stands still staring at the tavern in which they had always seen each other, immersed in memories. This tavern is closed, but Morpheus still finds his friend and tells him: “it hasn’t happened to make friends wait”.

So there will be a reconciliation of the two.

In short, all very beautiful and well cared for, there is only one doubt: how politically correct is exaggerating a bit, corrupting certain things.

In my opinion some scenes and characters are forced, perhaps even not useful for the purpose of the plot, and little else.

A scene in which a homosexual character sings and dances, dressed as a woman. It’s an unimportant scene, which seems to shout LGBTQ pride more than the rest.

Too many characters with too many sexual orientations, forcing the audience to see how sensitive they are.

But for me this is first and foremost hypocrisy, it is clear that they do it both to avoid receiving criticism (for me useless) from the categories, and to be able to have an economic gain.

For me it is wrong to make sure that the entertainment world is the representative, especially not like that.

I have nothing against the actors, I have it with forcing and the fact that being forced to act in a way can, in some way, corrupt the characteristics of the characters and the story, risk not being able to manage and create free characters from any form of correctness, if not your own. Basically, we are talking about a fictional story.

Plus I don’t like how this risks having the opposite effect: instead of raising awareness, we seem to see a prevarication, a silent dictatorship that shows us a world that doesn’t even exist.

In short, fighting a power, with another power.

After all, aren’t they two sides of the same coin? Some people want to see same-sex couples in the same way that bigots want to see the “traditional family”

I say that we are creating characters that are not all “straight and white”, but creating too many of them, isn’t that exaggerated? Don’t you risk being misunderstood? Does the entertainment world really have to deal with these issues?

In my opinion no, like football. Often many hypocrisies are revealed, such as the world championship at the gates, played in a truly unusual month, in the height of the seasons and in a country that very little reflects the equalities so much preached around.

But you know, who preaches well …

In fact, this latest critique is not aimed at the show itself, but at the whole world.

See ya next time.


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