Make Amends.

You know, I wanted to apologize, I really wanted to do it, because only now I think I have understood everything, of how you ever drifted away, and I know that now I would not make the same mistakes.

I have become much more rational, I have seen how, unfortunately, sometimes being yourself can be too much for someone, as well as showing your emotions.

It will be wonderful for us who try it, and also the best thing to do, but apparently, outside of us there are those who can be annoyed, who can use them against us, making us feel guilty about something, and many other things not so beautiful.

You know, I wanted to apologize, because in an unconscious and involuntary way, I hurt, while loving.

I wonder, however, if I have turned love to those who are actually capable of it, you know, many things have dispersed into the world of rumors, gossip and I also think in an attempt to manipulate myself.

Yes, in the end I don’t know who you are, come on.

Even if every now and then I happened to remember very beautiful, spontaneous, friendly moments, something that was nice to experience.

But I beg your pardon, yes: if it happened to me today, I would be able to handle the situation much better, but I doubt, because I swore that this was the last time I fixed myself, obsessed, let my feelings flow. emotions.

Now I can manage myself better, think: if we had met today none of this would have happened, no one would have ever known anything, would have only suspected it, but I would have known how to let go of the bone, so that everyone would have forgotten it. and, who knows? Maybe we would have been good friends.

Instead it was a game to the massacre.

Well, I’m really sorry, if there is something I can say that: “I regret and I regret”, of which I am ashamed it was just that.

However, unlike many, I don’t want to hide my shame, I think I must at least realize that it exists.

Now you know, I know how wrong it is to do certain things: it is as if I forced you to be my friend, to be with me, but I made a mistake that apparently many do: we try to transform people according to our visions, and it happens even when it is not feelings of love, those involved.

In the end, what is disappointment? When things don’t go our way? When people aren’t what we expected?

People, you too, have been disappointed in me, as I have been disappointed in you. Basically we all made the same mistake.

I expected things to go one way, that you were a little more in one way and you that I were more in another.

Now, in retrospect, but it’s also easy to say, I understand how wrong it is, after all I have suffered too. And I know I wouldn’t do that to anyone.

Well, how I wish I could really be understood and forgiven, but for now, I guess I’ll be content with having understood it for myself, being able to move on.

I hope that, on an impossible day, he can make amends.

But, as I said to myself a few days ago: “making amends” now seems a really useless thing, in this world, there is no longer room for ancient principles.

But there is so much room for things that are making this world, this humanity, a worse place.

Oh well. It is also useless to conclude yet another article, with the same conclusion: hope, that great illusion.

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