Reach the Top.

I understood that in life many make mistakes, we are wrong above all in thinking that we depend on someone else or something else to feel good, to be happy.

Many people and myself for a long time, I set the limit, the condition that to be well I had to have things.

But in the end I realized that it is precisely this claim, this limit that destroys our happiness, that limits us, and consequently also prevents us from having what we want.

It seems, it seems paradoxical but it is so, in the end. The more you want a woman, the less you will have her, the more you will think that you have to depend on her love for her, the less well you will feel.

You can’t, you don’t have to depend on someone else to stay healthy. Especially if we are talking about people who, evidently, have not yet learned anything.

You cannot say that you love a person if you have not accepted them. Because you love her only on the basis of how you want her, you want her, but every time you point out her flaws.

This means that you do not love it, that you believe you are doing it only in your dimension, of how you have decided to do it, but you cannot do it, because you are only trying to force things.

The more you try, the further they drift away.

I learned it the hard way, I still think about it, but not so much because I would like to be together, but because my experience with “S **” has taught me a lot, and now I have to thank what happened, just because now I have come to many conclusions, and I can finally find love for myself, my self-esteem, my peace.

My balance.

And all of this was my goal and I never knew it before getting there.

And now I know that all I had to do was to be calmer, now that I am, I could say it would have been easier for me to avoid a lot of trouble.

But now that I look at the old troubles, they don’t even seem that important to me.

I’m looking, indeed, I’m managing to think that the past does not count, it counted in the moment in which you lived, and it does when you understand the lesson it is giving you, but many things are better left there, without shaking them.

If you stop talking about something, people forget faster.

If you do something wrong, apologize at that moment, but the next day, or a few hours later, don’t bring it up, let it stop there.

And so tell us what is for your good, and your evil, stop suffering for useless things, or for those who treat you as you do not deserve.

And let’s go back to before: you understand that you can and must feel good alone, with yourself.

I can feel good going out with friends, as can I do it by staying at home, watching TV / anime series, playing video games, reading or sometimes walking alone.

The ability to know how to be alone is something excellent.

I see that many people are afraid of it, they cannot break away from it, but so they do not realize that they risk losing their identity, they will not be able to develop an idea that is only their own.

I am grateful for being able to, but I must not expect others to do it.

At most, as someone said: “live your life, see your friends”… well, in any case, I’m always here.

And I have reached my personal top, knowing that there will always be a higher place to reach.



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