Review:”Days of The lost”- The new prokect of “The Halo Effect”.

It has been more than a week since the release of this record, but I have not been able to dedicate myself to it well. It was on August 12, my birthday, when the first work of “The Halo Effect” was released, a project built, among others, by historical musicians such as Mikeal Stanne, frontman of Dark Tranquility and Jesper Strombald, historical guitarist of In Flames.

The two will have met at the beginning of the Swedish death-metal band, Mikael, was the lead singer of the early days, before Anders Friden took his place.

This preamble to state that I was pleasantly impressed by the return of these great together and that Jesper has returned to play in a group after a long time, after leaving In Flames.

In fact, I have always considered Jesper a great guitarist, without detracting from those who took the place; Bjorn Gelotte.

“Days of The Lost”, in fact, has different influences from both groups, the style is certainly very similar to some previous works by In Flames, a sound therefore less gloomy for some traits, by Dark Tranquility.

For me the two got together to do something that could make them both happy, especially I think Jesper wanted to feel freer to make the music he likes to do. It was assumed that he was no longer with the style change of In Flames and therefore they started this journey.

The influences of the “old” In Flames, in my opinion, is heard above all in the first tracks, the album begins with one of the singles that anticipated the release: “Shadowminds”, an overwhelming beginning, which begins with effects that bring in the right mood and musical adventure.

“Conditional”, track n ° 4, reminded me of Dark Tranquility, even the current ones.

It’s all growl death metal, there are no clear singing parts, so I guess it’s a more classic and hardcore death.

Although obviously we are talking about something more modern, but at the same time more “classic”, for the more nostalgic.

In the next track: “In Broken Trust”, actually in the chorus we can enjoy an excellent clear of our Mikeal, the sound differs from the previous ones, giving us a clue to a style of their own, which in my opinion also reminds a bit of Gothic Metal, like Paradise Lost.

I think the album has various musical influences, and that it is of an excellent workmanship, mixed very well, and has numerous variations, moving from classic to more modern sounds, as mentioned before.

“Last of Our Kind” struck me a lot, I heard a very different voice from the usual Mikael, who I think, at this point, that he too wanted to do something new and different. It is a “stronger” music than Dark Tranquility, a different voice, something more Death, it stands out very strongly from the usual.

Honestly, I really appreciate this thing, since it is something new, I feel constantly seeing the union of these metal monsters, or should I say, gods?

Being the first album of this project, although it was created by highly experienced musicians, I think it can still be defined as somewhat experimental.

Like many first albums, they are always particular, because they approach a whole new audience, even if they are many like me, who know them from their most famous bands.

I think, however, of course, it is never taken for granted that the same people who listen to you from elsewhere like you.

Very often in the history of music, it has happened that some members did projects detached from the main one, but despite their fame, they often proved to be unsuccessful or not up to expectations (such as Fort Minor, or Device …)

In this case, however, I think “The Halo Effect” will be able to live long and thrive, a great album, no doubt.

Now everything remains in the will and constancy of the creators, we will see in the next ones, how it will go.

I feel optimistic and confident.


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