Review: The boys: so not-politically correct!

You will surely have heard of this series, among other things, sponsored by Prime video, the platform on which it is available.

In fact, I too had seen several advertisements. And here we are, in short.

It’s different from what I thought it was from advertising: I’ll tell you the story and my opinion, watch out for the various spoilers …

Basically it is a story taken from a comic of the same name that talks about superheroes, but not as we know them; they are corrupt, selfish, narcissistic, perverted, mad, prey to drug addictions, sex and other things far removed from the typical superhero model, who are usually champions of justice, or at least have the good of humanity at heart.

These, on the other hand, are practically the first to be evil for the world, for humans, with their defects.

They are practically dependent on the company that created them: Vought. As stated by his “boss”, Stan Edgar is a pharmaceutical company, first and foremost.

These superheroes are, – or rather they were – ordinary people who have been given compound V, a lab-created substance capable of giving superpowers.

This is immediately said to us viewers, but the humanity of the series initially ignores it.

The series shows superheroes in another light: corrupt, selfish and dangerous, very dangerous. As a friend of mine who sees it said, they are the bad guys themselves, there is no supervillain to fight.

Why is it called: “The Boys”? It refers to the team created by Billy Butcher to be able to eliminate the superheroes, for what reason? In the very first scenes, A-Train “invests” Hughie’s girlfriend, who we could define as the “protagonist”, but in my opinion, there is such a focus on so many characters that thinking that there is only one protagonist would be too little.

Each character is deepened, even if the most charismatic are certainly Butcher, Homelander and Starlight, we could say that they too are protagonists, then.

The story is that Homelander raped Butcher’s wife and “good” Billy seeks revenge, and involves Hughie in his crusade, along with “Mother’s Milk” and “Frenchie”.

It is a very well done series, but you can tell by the fact that there is the good Eric Kripke, producer of one of my favorite series of all time: Supernatural.

In fact, in the third series we see Soldier Boy (in Italian it is “soldatino”, for me quite embarrassed as a name) interpreted by Dean Winchester, oops I meant Jensen Ackles.

For those who have not understood the joke, Dean is one of the protagonists of Supernatural, he will have been recalled by the good Eric, in fact the actor who portrayed Bobby Singer in Supernatural also appears in the series, and here too he is called Robert Singer.

Funny? I think the good Eric likes to name himself, in fact for the fans of the aforementioned series, it was fantastic to find their beloved actors.

But apart from this parenthesis, I wanted to tell you that it is a scary casting, all the actors and all the actresses are very good, there is no one who disappoints.

My favorites are Butcher, Homelander, Starlight and Queen Meave, which I think are the most charismatic.

That is, Homelander is the villain, but Antony Starr is an excellent actor, very precisely, charismatic, like Karl Urban himself, both very similar, being two assholes.

The series knows how to entertain, knows how to keep attention and is not boring or obvious, it works perfectly, each series maintains a high level.

It’s exaggerated, crazy, splatter, full of characters with various characteristics. People with superpowers who have been humanized, they want to use what they have to be able to do their own thing, to be able to become rich, famous and feel like gods, but they are just monsters created with compound V.

A freakshow.

The series is so much exaggerated that it makes you laugh, excite, make you think so many things. it focuses on many issues, which are usually very sensitized, such as LGBTQ or racism, but in this case they are used to sell, or at least taken superficially.

Like when it turns out that Maeve is a lesbian but is actually bisexual, this is completely ignored by the Vought entourage, who as soon as she is forced by Homelander to coming out, they just want to exploit her image of her.

In short, the world of The Boys is like ours, but with superheroes, who instead of being like those we usually see, are slaves to the god of money, like everyone else.

This is why the series is very special, because it tells things that are out of the ordinary and in a totally irreverent way, dealing with fairly delicate issues, at times ridiculing and belittling them, in short, a series that is all outside the “politically correct”.

And in the comic that I started out of curiosity it’s even worse, indeed! Even though the story is different on many aspects, even the characters, but the comic is another thing …

An absolutely excellent series, nothing more to say, I recommend it 100%!



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