If you have to judge me for everything, please: you can go. If you have to see my every move, if the only thing you are able to do with me is not to listen to me, and give my actions and words the meaning that you, manipulating reality to your liking, in short, go away.

Because the undersigned will be wrong and wrong, and how if he does it … the problem “triggers” when on the other side there is someone unable to understand him or to be welcoming in our choices, even if they consider them wrong, they should still respect them and accept us for what they we are.

But I realize that I am one of the few, or even the only one, who thinks that he reflects on his choices, on his mistakes and learns from them.

Sometimes I even persevered, at least I realized I was doing it.

Instead it seems that other people shut themselves up in their little worlds and nobody tells them anything, and if they tell them, they don’t want to listen, so much so they’re convinced that they are right.

And it is useless, they close in, after throwing up on you everything that is wrong, for them, without having given you the opportunity to argue.

Saying “we’re all good like this”, to me… well, you too.

Amazing how there are all these ways of complaining about others, and then behaving even worse than them. An army of hypocrisy.

I am told that “I put words in my mouth”, but the truth is that with me they do even worse.

They think they understand me, but the truth is that very often they don’t understand anything. Now I see that it wasn’t just a girl who behaved like this.

In my opinion these things are a clear sign of immaturity. And they call me immature, or they tell me that I have to learn to behave, funny, right?

At least I would listen and forgive. How many times have I quarreled with my friends, yet we have never detached ourselves, never judged, and there has always been discussion and listening.

Those who isolate themselves from confrontation therefore also want to avoid the possibility of understanding and growth.

Refusing the possibility of communicating with the other means wanting to listen only to one’s own point of view, canceling reality itself: that is, that the world is full of people who have lived and live in a different way from ours, and not wanting to be aware of this is a clear sign of a closed mind.

It really seems to be dealing with people unable to at least see the horizon, while I want to look beyond it.

It is stupid to tell me that I have to learn to behave if you are the first to have to do it.

Disappointment comes only when expectations are disappointed, so when we mistakenly expect the other person to be as we would like, so it is always useless to expect me to be in a way that I could not be, that I am not.

In light of these things we could say that many disputes are useless, or at least based on things that have no sense of existing.

I would recommend learning to listen, to accept other points of view, to understand that if one falls in love, and you don’t reciprocate, you don’t have to react negatively, it’s always another point of view, after all.

It is the point of view of a person who admires and esteems you, after all.

And maybe you don’t do it to yourself that much, now tell me, it just seems like you are locked in a very small world and you only see what you can understand.

I think I have a great curiosity and the desire to look beyond the horizon, in short, a great spirit of observation, able to notice the details, like when I look out from the balcony of my house, and I know everything, and I remember how many things have changed from when I was little to today.

After all, I can’t even say that I don’t accept other people, for being unable to see beyond the two houses in front of them, on the contrary … I love them even so.

But then … I stop demanding from them, I don’t judge them, I don’t watch their every move, but with me other people do it.

That’s okay, I know. By now I am growing up and I am in a process of accepting myself, of life and of all that I cannot change.

And I’m fine, now. I know there’s so litle worth to suffer in this world, but not being what and who I am not.

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