It seems that we expect others to behave only in the way we expect, which we think is right. And when it doesn’t happen, we go into crisis.

If we think and behave differently, based on our personality, characteristics and experiences we can be ourselves.

If on the other hand, we do not assume the attitudes requested by other people, they seem to go into crisis, it seems that they are throwing “tantrums”.

I was wrong, I admit it, I apologize. On the other hand, you only see a person who has no intention of clarifying, but just throwing up all his anger and frustration on you, and then he closes.

I was wrong to choose certain people to care for, especially if they are unable to speak peacefully and rationally, and then if they are not even able to look you in the face.

Cowardice? Habit? For my part, there was the mistake of caring, of wanting to help people.

I am constantly misunderstood, and I notice that there is a serious lack of listening.

I am wrong once, and I must have thrown up all the anger on myself, without the possibility of replying, to have my say, and also express the way in which the other person is mortifying me.

Are they wrong? Ah no, it’s not possible, they are perfect.

I have learned that those who do not accept you for who you are and always have to say about everything you do, right or wrong, must not have been such a friend.

We love each other only when we behave as the other person wants, but if you do differently, worlds collapse, everything ends.

There is no communication, there is only in the border that they decide, and they decide how you are, who you are, of course.

So please: that’s the door, but it looks like you’ve already sat down on your own *.

Never again the same mistakes, now that I have understood even more the value of them, as their meaning.



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