It takes cynicism, to protect yourself, to say “enough”. It takes cynicism to think that we can “do without” someone when the situation becomes really difficult.

It takes the cynicism to think: “fuck you, I’m fine even without it”.

And all that remains is to go on anyway with the thought that you have done your best to maintain the relationship, but then you are tired of trying and trying again, of doing the right thing.

In the end it’s not your choice, so what does it matter? This is the fate of those who cannot understand each other.

And I can’t stand hypocrisy: it’s easy to criticize others and then behave in the same way, in the end.

When you do it is fine, but when others do it do you go crazy? How do you reason? If you think something is wrong you should be the first to avoid doing it.

Yet it happens and continues to happen, just as when you make it clear that you are pissed off, without ever saying why, suddenly become cold, with all the aggression that accompanies you.

And you think this makes you more women or more men, and instead exposes your enormous weaknesses and shortcomings.

I have only one regret: I was wrong about you

And having spent time with whom I thought were reliable friendships.

It takes the cynicism to say and think: “is it so? So I’m better off without it. Without you, and sometimes, even without anyone. There is always someone who makes me feel better, so well, fuck you all. “

What a fool I was into thinking you were better people. It was like that for a while, then you let yourselves be contaminated like everyone else, apparently.

However, it was not my choice, as mentioned above. I recognize that we fight over bullshit, and you prefer not to say anything.

Pretty childish behavior for me.

Well, how to say, if you want to knock, I’ll answer, but in the meantime, allow me, I’ll close the door.



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