It was nice, but then…

Tell me

How come I always want to go away

Tell me

How come every time here

Does it get too heavy for me?

I always feel the heart

Pressed, destroyed.

Too many weights

And I, I’m moving on,

I’m getting old

and I’m taking less and less.

I want light things,

I want certainties

i want stable relationships.

Tell me why

The more I am in these situations

The more they scare me?

The more I understand that something is wrong …

And I want to go

Where there is not all of this

That hurts me.

It was nice, but then …

But then it’s better if you take other paths

Even just for a while

Or not?

PS: even if I stop being with someone, well… that doesn’t mean I stop loving them. But I realize the great difficulty, at times, of communicating.

If you don’t listen, you don’t go anywhere. But I still believe it. In another way.



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