#Review:”Thor: Love & Thunder”.

The new Thor movie: it was announced in several ways: at first it seemed something almost comic, light. And then slowly, also giving us the dark side of him.

The god of thunder, the most goliardic, the most “prick”, when you see his films you are not entering a character moved by some particular obsession with saving the world in his own way, revolutionizing it, or principles of justice: he is a very superhero ” to himself “, sometimes clumsy and bungling.

He is a character who stands in stark contrast to others, such as Iron Man and Cap. America.

However, the poor god was hit hardest of all: he lost his mother, father and finally his brother.

We see a Thor who remains himself, but also has several doubts and identity crises. He is still a bit dark like in Ragnarok, but he tries to recover, but he’s even more funny like in Endgame.

His style of him in Ragnarok and Endgame are the toughest ones, but he’s always a bit of a comic character and remains so here too.

Other characters also suffer the same thing, as if it were a slightly more youthful film than the others. I don’t wish they were “Disneyizing” too much.

Or if the authors of the film wanted to create in every sense this contrast between light and shadow.

It’s all very fast: the film begins by introducing this character, Gorr the butcher of the gods, portrayed by a MONUMENTAL Christian Bale.

Nothing to say to the rest of the cast, but let me state that the whole film is run by one man.


The incipit can be seen immediately, without many frills: he has been abandoned by the gods he believed in, meets him at the end, and since another character has tried to kill him with the necrospada, Gorr collects it, kills the god and is contaminated by darkness contained in the weapon.

Thor learns of the threat almost immediately: he had gone on a trip with the guardians of the galaxy, sees a request for help from a acquaintance of him and others, and it is learned that there is one who is killing gods. .

Meanwhile Jane is ill with cancer she is about to die, she goes to Asgard to see Mjöllnir, after she had read in books of Nordic legends that it gave longevity and health.

Gorr has already aimed Thor as his next prey, he goes to the earth and distracts adults while kidnapping children, there Thor sees Jane in Thor format …

From the trailer you could also think there was a Thor woman from another universe but any idea on this subject is almost immediately dampened.

After “No Way Home” and “The Multiverse of Madness”, the subject of the multiverse has not undergone the in-depth analysis that was expected.

However the film focuses on articulating it on the return of Jane, Mjöllnir and the slaughterer of the gods.

Some new characters are introduced briefly such as the gods, but in particular Zeus, however, in my opinion, they could give even more space to their citadel.

Thor tries to ask for help but in the end no one will give it to him and he will have to reach the children kidnapped by Gorr to lure him, alone.

They will go to the realm of shadows, where there are no colors. I was struck by this change, moving from a very colorful film to a shade of gray and black and white, which helped to highlight the gloom of Gorr and the world in which he exists.

These characteristics further accentuated the character’s cruelty, along with his disillusionment and cynicism, giving him a unique style, which, as above, is excellently carried out by Christian Bale.

The film has an incurable optimist and playful Thor on the one hand, and Gorr on the other. In short, the clash between the two was not only in the battlefield.

As mentioned before, it is a film that lasts two hours, but is very fast, you hardly notice the time that passes, because it always keeps attention and tension high.

Overall, in short, a good job. I am only perplexed by the choice of having Jane return after having kept her out of her, after a lot of TV series and films, and then having her die, in short. It seems to have been done on purpose, even almost unnecessarily.

But our Natalie as Thor was certainly very badass.

There was perhaps an excessive presence of children, as if Marvel were yelling at us that there will be new younger heroes, that it is time for the new generations, and perhaps it is better this way.

Even if I am not convinced by this new way of doing the MCU, it seems to be becoming too “Disney”, too much for kids or children, almost.

I’m having the same feeling with Ms Marvel, I wouldn’t want the more adult audience to be overlooked over time.

Just as he doesn’t convince me like Mjöllnir, he could be back all in one piece by being in contact with Jane, but oh well.

A “classic” Thor movie, which seems to have abandoned the gloomy atmosphere of the latest films, however.

Luckily Thor manages to remain optimistic and himself, despite the fact that he has lost all the people he loved: Mother, Father, Brother and Jane.

He is one of the Avengers he lost everything: basically and … we really liked his style of Ragnarok and Infinity War, but this is Thor, but maybe that’s the problem: he doesn’t seem to have changed much now, so I don’t know if after seeing him change in the previous films, mature and become more “tough”, see it now so be positive, I have my doubts.

But tell me yours and see you next time!

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