#Review – jazz Codes by Moor Mother.

Thanks to a person I follow, very knowledgeable about music, I met Moor Mother. I had never heard of it.

I listened to her latest work: “Jazz Codes”, a very varied and interesting 18-track album. I read on the internet that he makes experimental music.

And therefore, driven by my usual curiosity, I decided to listen to this album a little and I liked it a lot.

In fact it has a lot to do (rightly) with jazz, but also other things mixed in a single album which made it all very interesting.

I’m noticing that the older I get, the more I’m preferring the variability of the sound, preferring that music capable of moving me differently, in short, something that doesn’t seem trivial or repetitive like commercial music.

I like jazz, it relaxes me, this music is just what we need in a moment like this. Better not to “fidget” too much, it’s hot. Let’s stand still and enjoy the sound of the saxophone, the trumpets and the calm voice of Moor Mother and all the other participating artists on this journey as we move to different places of music.

It looks like a very “ethnic” record, in the sense that I perceive various musical and cultural influences, with different instruments and therefore, typical sounds from different parts of the world.

A few songs remind me of Africa, for example. Others the Inda, South America and so on.

There are also different styles in singing: in some parts it is very r’n’b, in others blues, rap, etc.

In one album, they were able to mix different things, thus giving a lot of content and richness to the music.

The voice is always light at times it seems almost whispered, with light sounds that stimulate our mind in different ways.

You can already understand from the first track: “Umzansi”, in which the somewhat sad sound of a keyboard introduces us to this album, which as I said is full of variations.

Then there is one of my favorites: “April 7th”, a track of only 2 minutes, which awakens me many sensations, very pleasant.

As if nostalgia, the desire to relax and let yourself be carried away by the music, the desire to look at the sea at night, mixed together.

Letting go and listening to only good music, this can and should go at times.

It is a great pleasure to listen to all this music, to notice how each sound stimulates me, exploring every corner of the brain that it awakens.

By now I have heard a lot of music in my life, and I understand that some are suitable to be heard at the most suitable moments, to accompany certain sensations, or just to look for them.

“Jazz Codes” had the power to be able to tell many of them, I think that in these ways he also wanted to describe her life, because we sing, yes, but we also speak with music.

Now, I haven’t read the lyrics of the songs, but I guess as she talks, she tells us her poems about her, since I’ve read that she writes those too.

After all, music, with lyrics, is always poetry with music.

I was happy to be able to bring you another type of music besides the usual hip-hop, just as I was happy to have done it too and to always be able to discover new things, see you next time!


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Thank you!

You can find it all here:



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