“Stranger Things” – Season 4 Review!

The fourth season of Stranger Things has left us in several ways: amazed, sad, doubtful, scared.

The series begins in a slightly different way, for better or for worse you try to enter normality, which is also to be a little bullied and isolated.

Even that, for the characters, is a bit of normality, perhaps not for “El” (as they call it here), which having grown up in a different way, that is definitely a change, a specialty.

The characters are all upset by the latest vicissitudes, some more, some less. Incredible, if one wishes, that they somehow manage to maintain sanity … well, the same thing does not apply to Max, who from the beginning shows that he has regrets and remorse for what happened to his brother.

The semblance of normality does not last long: in fact, almost immediately it is discovered that a new threat from the upside down will be faced, mysterious deaths are again “decorating” Hawkings. Amazing that people still manage to live there. (Ironic)

I didn’t understand, however, why they wanted to discard that part so easily and quickly: it was perhaps an interesting start in the development of some characters to get back to normal.

After all, Eleven is transformed into a little girl who seemed very self-confident, in season 4 she just seems to go back to her vulnerable side of her and with lack of self-esteem, basically her greatest enemy.

If the girl, in short, she believes in herself she is the strongest of all, which we have also seen in the previous series.

It’s getting old, this TV series is a bit repetitive, but basically many are, that’s not the most important thing at times.

Of course, there are particular innovations that, however, perhaps have been a bit wasted.

Let’s cut the bull’s head: as anyone who has seen her will know, Eddie Munson, one of the most interesting characters ever seen before, dies “too soon”. He was truly charismatic and I think his potential was wasted somehow.

Then I also had the impression that it was also a bit forced, in reality he and Dustin could escape without major consequences, it seems that there was an “excuse”. In truth, though, they were also very good at rendering his death and his last moments epic, and they will remain in the hearts of all of us.

Let’s say that “there is”, in short.

But having introduced a character of this caliber and then let him go was – I repeat – a bit of a waste.

Some characters seem to have lost their importance a bit: Will went into his own intimate and introverted world, and no offense, but it seems that the only importance he had in this series was that he was homosexual.

But that’s normal, I think, since there has been an excess of characters.

Argyle himself is a character who is far too “fixed” in his high, even in the most absurd situations. In short, he is somewhat at odds with others, always anxious or agitated.

They gave him the role of the stoner, but this, in my opinion, has somewhat damaged the character’s charisma, which almost makes him less important.

He is also fair, being a secondary, but he was nice, a lot.

It all ended in an epic way, a little predictable, a little repetitive. After all, the “story” is always the same: there are some monsters to face and the only one who can do something about it is Undi.

But the most interesting part for the plot was undoubtedly discovering that the cause of all the trouble was Undi herself, when she unknowingly threw Henry upside down, into the other world, then making him Vecna, again involuntarily.

Although I had suspected a little that it was Dr Brenner and co who did all that damage, with all the experiments, discovering the truth was much more interesting. A twist that was hidden in the past forgotten by the girl.

An already existing world, a “dark side” of ours, in which there are monsters, who will then be led by Henry to destroy the world.

A grudge hidden since childhood, together with contempt. It seems that he is born already crazy, already evil. His family has not abused him in any world, yet, he alone develops his desire to kill and destroy.

Character in total contrast with his “friend”, the same one he wanted to save: Undi. Which paradoxically, despite the abuses suffered, has maintained its integrity, its morality and goodness.

It can be said that this is thanks to Mike, Hopper and co., But in truth I think that the girl already had similar characteristics of her.

The series has quotes from the 80s period, Eddie represents the metalheads of the past, his look is very reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio and many others.

In the end, the “snow” that falls and consumes life reminded me of the comic: “The eternaut”, I don’t know if you know, there was something similar there too.

We will have to see if it will be a quote or something, let’s say, copied.

This is my thoughts on a very beautiful and emotional season, which even if I think it has these flaws (since someone comments on the review on Shaman King boasting it is perfect, but perfection does not exist …) is still one of the most (deserved) successful series.

See y’all next time!


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