Vale – (10 years later.)

Hello, how are you?

Ten years we haven’t talked to each other.

The quarrels, the things that have happened since then …

Because of them I was gone,

I went to Bologna,

I lived another life.

I always thought of you,

after all, even in moments of happiness,

it was always you,

the reason for it.

I ran away,

for you.

But I learned a lot of new things

And I’ve seen so many new people.

I worked,

I figured out what to do in life

also thanks to that escape.

And I’ve always thought, that I have to thank you, in some way.

I have thought about you for a long time.

Then, another person

That looks a bit like you

She took the place.

You know, yet, I haven’t run away.

I stayed, still.

I don’t want to escape,

I want to live.

When I come back up,

it will not be an escape,

it will be life.

I needed another woman to forget you.

Now I want to do it alone,

I don’t want to depend on another.

Who knows how are you,

after ten years of not talking to each other,

It is worth.

Unfortunately I screwed up

Even the situation today

It reminds me so much of you, today’s one …

Does the past repeat itself? Perhaps.

But now I understand many things that at the time, I did not understand.

I apologize for the umpteenth time

And for the umpteenth time I know it will be useless.

Are you okay there with you?


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