I will wait for you at the gate.

I remember well

That distance,

when the covid divided us.

So many things began to change.

I was waiting to see you again,

and by “coincidence”

I had decided to learn more about Dargen D’amico.

And I heard: “Malpensandoti”.

It became my favorite song of him.

I always thought of you, I couldn’t wait to see you again,

I was convinced that everything would be fine.

And just like in the song,

I thought of all things

all difficulties.

When I saw you, however,

all doubts disappeared.

I didn’t think about all things

Which have existed since.

It was great to discover you,

to meet you.

It was really interesting,

and I was not satisfied with the chat.

Now when I listen to this song again,

I am struck by the strength

of nostalgia for him.

But still,

I’ll wait for you outside the gate.


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