Ambition/Cold War.

I had the ambition

To give me the best gift.

The most beautiful, for me,

which I’m forgetting now.

It was the greatest wish

The greatest ambition.

They said it was too much for me

while I believed

it was possible

because I believed in myself.

I believed in the possibility

to be able to make me happy.

So I was,

so I saw.

I thought I was capable

To bring out sides

From some people,

that with others they did not show.

My being true,

perhaps he pushed to be

other people too.


perhaps, they did not say

they weren’t that way

and they kept running away.

Now I have made another life,

but every now and then

I would still like

to be able to resume the “war”

which is now cold. (Like what we’re doing)

Every now and again,

I would like to love again

and give, what I wanted to give.


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