Shades of gray.

But then how do you want to keep filling in those gaps, you guys?

Each of us looks for his way: drinking, eating…. Some say geese want to “make money”. You know, these people make me really sad.

They giggle, as if they think I didn’t understand anything, in truth I understand very well, and they make me sad.

How do you need these things, ephemeral, actually?

Doesn’t it seem to me that they have content, or perhaps they have begun and continued to bury their insecurities under a flood of superficiality?

People without identity, without a face, anonymous, like many others.

Look at them, as they seem to enjoy life, dancing to music, they seem like many sheep to me.

They brainwashed us, they convinced men and women that to be happy you have to be one way, they still look for prince charming, they still want the utopia of perfection, and they will continue to live without ever being happy.

Or rather, perfection exists, but it is not as we imagine it. Life is made of shades of gray, perfection is subjective, but it’s not what we think it is.

There is never a right or wrong, everything is so fleeting, so manipulable by the way we live things, experiences … and like everything else, each affects each of us in a different way, as well as our way of reacting .

If there was ever a paradise, it could be that each of us has his own corner, with what would make him happy for all eternity.

We are all convinced that we must have things to be well, and maybe I do too, but in a much less materialistic way.

But they brainwashed us, now I look at who I loved, and I realize how much more like the one I despised now,

but I had come a little closer, beyond the smoke of this bullshit … in the end, people need to cling to false certainties.

What to say? Perhaps the desire to be rich is the most effective method of cheating death, yes… deceiving the concept we have of it.

And I want to get away from those who believe they understand the world.

Look at them: always closed in their pathetic microcosm, as they will most likely remain for life,

how sad.

Staying anchored to the same beliefs, poisoning their life and that of others as well. Masks, masks of pathetic conceit and makeup.

I’ll be a dreamer, a fool, a naive, a blunt,

but I am sure of living, and of doing it also in the right way.

Well, if you ever want to get out of that square where you dance, send me a message,

I will also be there when the city changes.

Think about changing the world, which needs to be saved.

Maybe they’re reakky haooy like this, I don’t know… but they just don’t seem like it.

You’re terrified so much to get caught up in a cage, but you’re already in one.

You built it yourself.


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