Life Goes On.

It will be trivial, but life goes on. When I can make peace with yourself, it is time to stop worrying about the past. Time to stop thinking about how many things it was better to do before, how many things we would change… but now we are here.

Seeing everything that’s been through, and everything I’ve gotten, everything I could have had and been, we go crazy.

But today I look into the eyes of those who accepted me, who at first did not understand me and did not understand.

We are now here, we have shared experiences together, and none of us know what the future awaits us …

I learned to think less about it, to let myself be carried away by the current of events, to feel at peace.

To feel these waters as allies and not enemies. The course of events, which flows upon us, without us being able to really do something to change them.

In few things the effect of our intervention can really exist.

And now with this feeling of peace, I understand how many things I had to give up, but life goes on, we are here: crying for the past is useless, let’s move on.

It’s nice to think that now I can stop thinking about yesterday, now everything is fine.

I’ve met people who in the end love me as I am, that’s okay, life goes on.

On Saturday I spoke to a person whom I had the impression that she did not like me, then she told me out of nowhere that she loved me. I spent some pleasant time there, I even gave her my jacket because she was cold. A few days later I thanked her, she did too, we catch when she gets off.

And that’s right, we don’t entertain anyone, life goes on.

We meet, we meet again, when we do something else, it will happen. The more you try to hold onto life, the more bad things go. Because if things don’t go the way you hope, you keep wondering why.

And I was wrong, just as I tried to make the person I was in love with “mine”. I could go back I would do as now, I would enjoy life and its flow. I’m sure you like me more now, with this intention to rest easy, nothing ever happens.

If you fight, then everything is fine, right? Life and relationships go on.

Strange to say on my part. Strange, because maybe I would have been sick for a friend who was drunk and aggressive on Saturday. At one time I would have been upset, but instead I understood, I laughed, I didn’t think about it anymore.

Ironic that now the others are coming to talk to me, and I tell them to rest assured, because, guess what?

Life goes on.

And I don’t know what the future holds … but I’m curious to find out. I will improvise a little, maybe that’s how good things will come, and who knows? Perhaps the most unexpected.

Should I have known this before? Well, that’s how my life went, what about? It is thanks to these things that I am what I am now, that I am here, right?

Life goes on.


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