Shaman King -Final Review.

The netflix anime series, dedicated to the famous Shaman King, whom I think a lot of you know, gave me a mixture of emotions and doubts.

I had already written a review on the first part:

While in the first part I noticed a certain tendency to develop the characters, fun, slow but constant advancement of the plot and knowledge of the characters, in the second I seemed to notice a certain hurry almost to finish everything.

Surely by now it is not that you had to lengthen the soup, or necessarily make very long or eternal fights “to the Dragon Ball”, but at the same time I had the distinct feeling that for many things they have given an explanation too quickly without going into depth.

For example: you die and get stronger: why?

You go to hell, you get stronger, but it’s still not enough to reach their goal, so what’s the point, if not to get several power-ups a bit “at random”?

Among other things, while in the first part time was dedicated to the characters, in the second the development of the characters is neglected and things happen without a truly logical explanation.

Another example: why does Joco go blind? Random.

A self-punishment that is useless. As well as the story of the Golem. Is it said only at the end that there is the spirit of the mother inside, which is in the daughter? For what reason? It is not understandable.

I could give you numerous other examples to make you understand that there is something clearly wrong, and it is a huge shame because the series is not bad at all!

We’ve seen great animations, engaging combat, thrilling stories, and even a great soundtrack.

Charismatic characters, all of them, but especially Hao, the main villain of the series. We discover too late and too quickly the reason that led him to become bad. The mother was killed: by whom? Because?

And why does he insist on being “bad”, despite everything?

I was also quite on the balls that, as in TOO MANY other shonen, since you no longer have ideas to develop a character you put him in the background, to justify his presence you make him do “the homework” and make him say that he is weak . I am referring to Ryu in particular, but others are not joking either.

This happens when you create too many characters, and you know that you have arrived at a time where you have to dedicate yourself particularly to those, but … it does not work.

How not to discover the past of Horohoro only at the end and even that, moreover, to make it end too soon.

Moving scenes, but what? The patches died in a hurry and we didn’t even have time to get to know them to be moved.

I understand that you didn’t want to make the fights last too long, I repeat: “to the dragon ball”, but I miss them so quickly that in two blows they die.

A lot of hype about them, very strong, etc. and then with two “punches” to the mat? Seriously?

It seems to me that there was clearly some reason that I do not know that led to the speeding up of the end of the series which ended in a great: “yes, all beautiful, but I didn’t understand shit”.

As if to say, an open ending with them grown up who have to figure out how to please Hao, practically. What was resolved? Nothing.

In addition, a lot of hype has been created for this character, described as dangerous and mysterious, only to not delve into it enough, in the end.

Going deeper was a taboo, we have to rely on our brains to give an interpretation to everything.

Like they were out of budget and they didn’t want to give us some pretty cool final fights. The main reason we watched it.

Unfortunately, these flaws and defects have ruined the beauty of the anime and also the opinion I had about it, that it could be something better but … nothing.

Tell me your opinion!


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