Acrobats/Voids to be Filled.

I missed the Theatre, I missed the adrenaline, I missed being and doing something else.

I have missed expressing what I have inside in the most beautiful way I know.

From 2020, from the pandemic …

From all the shit rained down on me to date, in which I missed having the right space to “heal” like the air

It’s all so absurd,

It is perhaps even exaggerated to think so out of a passion, I don’t know.

And then you start thinking that you don’t give a damn about who’s gone if today you see that there are people who accept you much better and have filled that useless void.

But that’s okay: I feel like an acrobat, as in the recited poem, The Acrobat:

The end of a journey that can be said to have started not in 2021, but in 2019.

Since then, too much have passed.

And then these dark years, in which I couldn’t wait to go back to my great passion, theater.

And nothing, as I know he says in the bitter montenegro ad: “It seemed impossible but we had done it”.

Before returning home, I tell Giovanni: “this is the last time we will see this place”.

Maybe not true, I was tipsy and fooling around as usual.

I did not know that our Adele immortalized the moment that from the goliardic has turned a bit into a romantic one.

It is all very beautiful.

A hug.


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