A series based on the characters of League of Legends: Arcane and Vi, the series tells the story of the past of these two sisters, who had a very complex childhood.

The background of the two girls, who since childhood had found themselves without parents, who died in a fight against the “Enforcers”.

A kindhearted man named Vander saves and looks after them as adopted daughters.

There is a constant battle in the city where Piltover and Zaun live. They live in the second, the slums, a world that is still part of the main city but is practically left to itself, living with its leader in a state of semi-autonomy.

This leader is Vander himself, who tries to keep the balance of the city and to keep his people out of the conflicts of the “upper” city as much as possible.

The story is told in this fantasy world, very steampunk, that is medieval-like, but also full of magic and advanced technologies.

It is a world that tends to progress and would like to abandon some traditions, the usual contrast between the old and the young.

I didn’t play League much, I didn’t know Jinx’s character well. Here the real reasons for the conflict with his sister and the reason for her madness are explained. Actually, it’s a really bad story.

The plot is interesting and characterized by several intrigues and focuses its attention on the other characters as well, not just on the two sisters. The reasons for Jinx’s madness, after all, in my opinion, cannot be limited only to his personal traumas, but the society in which they live, have made the decline of rationality inevitable.

Criminals, moreover, often exist for lack of real alternatives and, as in this case, because they have been isolated from mainstream society.

Zaun is like an appendage town, almost a parasite of Piltover, whose inhabitants are often despised.

These continuous quarrels, little by little, will bring the balance between the two parties back. I did not tell you before that Vander will then die, and the one who will be most responsible for his departure will take the place: Silco, his brother.

He will keep his balance his way, but … well, I don’t want to tell you too much.

He knows how to entertain this series, it is well animated and for those who are passionate about the game and the characters, it offers interesting food for thought.

Usually you don’t know what to think about video game series, but in my opinion a good job has been done, maybe I could start playing League too, every now and then.

I think there will be a second season, the first was not bad, but let’s not talk about something that will be among my favorites.

However, I commend the fact that there are no particular plot holes and everything runs pretty smoothly, which I can’t say about other animated series or anime at all…

If I had been into LoL, I would have enjoyed it a lot more, I think.



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