No More Regrets.

It is nice to be able to tell me that it has now happened, even in the present, without thinking too much about it: “patience” …

It’s nice to be able to look back now and think that despite my life full of mistakes, a little bit of suffering and pain, in the end I can still say and affirm that it was rich.

Of course, I haven’t always done my best for my physical and mental health, with these nearly 33 years of drinking, eating, playing, singing, burning.

It’s nice to be able to slowly stop having second thoughts, to those who have understood us, or less.

It goes there. We are all lucky that people think about other things and not about you. Everyone thinks about their problems, and you learn to give a damn about what others may think, making continuous scorched earth between those who accept you and those who love you and those who reject you.

We go on, more and more forward, trying to go forward, know and conquer as many things as possible.

I thank myself, for my constant desire for something more, for this hunger, for this desire not to stay too long in one place, because then you risk becoming a statue, a shadow.

A great ambition, a desire to continue and never stop.

The desire to meet new people, because the old ones did not satisfy this hunger, the old ones did not make us feel good, and those who left left empty spaces to fill.

And to do that, you need to move on.

Maybe what we leave behind are just people unable to handle all this: even I once was not capable of it.

Today I find a friend that I once did not understand, that he was like me, a strong character, and I was much weaker, while today I find the key to being strong.

The rebirth process is something complicated, something that looks like it may soon pass, but the sensations you experience are not bruises.

The unanswered questions, the discomfort, the fact that to go on and stop suffering, you have to change your being, force yourself to stop loving someone, because in the end, you know: it’s not worth it.

Especially if this person is no longer there, and you can’t do anything about it.

But it is also nice to be able to think and say, even if “time has been wasted”, that it does nothing. That perhaps it was meant to be like this.

The wonderful ability to accept things as they went, without giving up hope and the desire to change them anyway.

With the hope of being able to seize the opportunity, should there be a second one.

But it’s time to go, to look for something else, someone else. It’s time to go, because in any case, nothing is forever.

Besides, they say that to truly love a person, you have to learn to let them go.

But they say a lot.

It’s time to go, no more worrying, let’s just take what we can and that’s it.

I’m glad to think so, and I’m also almost ready to say and think that anything, I would do it the same way, now that I still understand the value of everything.

After all, every defeat has always given something, I never leave empty-handed.


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