The Hardest Part.


There is no winner

Nor won.

Now, that everything slowly,


inside my heart

I feel an achin’ pain.

After this storm,

where nothing is left.

I have defeated my demons

But I feel very sad.

I feel a void

In this victory.

Now comes the hardest part

Just as I let myself be kissed

From this sun,

I seem to hear heaven,

that tells me that everything will be fine.

I freed myself,

I have conquered myself.

Now I have the heart

Whose accepted

Whose is accepting.

One day I’ll have to forget,

I’ll have to stop loving

who I cannot love.

It’s this one

This is the hardest part.

The saddest part

What I never want to do.

I’ll leave your book on my shelves,

I will leave there

a little space for hope.

Fare Thee Well.


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